Why Gabriela Hearst modelled in her own debut Chloe show

Chloe is the Parisian fashion house known for its boho-elegant style, a look masterminded by founder Gaby Aghion, who craved clothes which felt luxurious but more laid back than the standard fare on offer in the New Look-shaped Fifties. 100 years after Aghion’s birth, her latest successor at Chloe, Gabriela Hearst, showed her debut collection.

Not only do the two women share the same name (a fact which convinced Hearst that it was meant to be), but also a passion for challenging the status quo. Where Aghion’s trailblazing came in the form of silhouettes and ideas about what women should wear, for Hearst it’s a mission to combine luxury and sustainability. If you needed a singular example of how far eco clothing has come since those days when it was dismissed as being a sackcloth horror show, then look no further than Hearst’s New York-based own label cashmere shawls and

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Home Set: Best Luxury Shopping Guide for March 2021

Welcome to Home Set. Below, see our favorite style, wellness, beauty and home items and accessories right now. Julia Cherruault for Observer

Welcome to Home Set, a recurring feature in which we highlight our favorite accessories and essentials within fashion, wellness, beauty and everything else at home that are brightening up our days right now. From a 24-karat gold mask and a celestial-inspired ring to the coziest shearing sandals and an enticing tuberose perfume, here’s what we’re loving and coveting at the moment.


Isla Beauty Storm Serum

Even serious beauty product hoarders (yep, that’s us) love a good all-in-one product, like this Isla serum that helps combat dullness, redness, aging and dryness, thanks to a combination of 17 active ingredients. $48, Isla Beauty.

Aurate. Courtesy Aurate

Aurate Luna Gold Bold Ring

Aurate’s new Crescent Collection is inspired by all thing celestial, and we’re over the moon (couldn’t

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Styling your Bohemian Look with Pomelo

A person who is very much into literature, music, art, and festivals will be well aware of the Bohemian fashion. The Bohemian fashion was first introduced by the hippies and gypsies who were very much into painting, art, and music. They lived their lives in informal ways in the African and Asian countries and cities. Many people were not familiar with this style back in the 60s, but as more people discovered this style among the natives, the explorer brought it forward to the world, and the world of fashion was quick to adopt it. The bohemian fashion incorporated dresses that were long, loose, and colorful. This style was innovative in many different styles and now is famous all around the world, especially during summer. If you want to get your hand son the best bohemian inspired fashion, then head to Pomelo and get your hands on the best variety … Read More