Getting Ready For Pregnancy

Getting Ready For Pregnancy

Getting Ready For Pregnancy

Diet and Exercises

The best time to start following our exercises and diet regime is when we have decided are preparing to get pregnant. It is not only imperative from the point of view of delivering the baby, to gain the strength and the health, but also of utmost importance from the point of view of the actual process of preparing to get pregnant and increasing the chances of conception.

Getting all the pre-pregnancy nutrients when preparing to get pregnant

Folic acid is an extremely useful vitamin which is needed as a part of pre pregnancy diet. Fresh leafy vegetables like spinach, pumpkin, kale and orange vegetables like carrots are rich in folic acid. Folic acid reduces the chances of having certain neural defects like spina bifida. Most likely your Gynecologist will also suggest you to take a supplementary folic acid vitamin to ensure that you are not having any deficiency in folic acid.

Your pre pregnancy diet must be devoid of fatty foods. That comes down to no red meat, fried foods, whole diary products and stuffs like desserts. Women with high amount of fatty foods during pre-pregnancy are more likely to have nausea and vomiting. Only consume foods which are devoid of fats like fish, poultry and with healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil.

The whole idea is to eat a balanced nutritional diet that is devoid of extra fat and very high on nutritional values, health fats and vitamins and minerals.

Exercise before pregnancy

Pre-pregnancy is the right time to start an exercise regime that is going to give you the necessary strength and stamina to ensure you carry your baby without problems and also deliver without any issues. If you feel that time is something that you do not have and cannot afford to maintain a regular fitness regime then try our tips to sneak a fitness regime of exercises to improve posture and shape yourself up.

Try parking your car to the farthest point of a parking lot this will make you walk those extra paces everyday.

Abstain from any exercises that causes you pain

Try baking bread-the kneading. Punching will tone your muscles

Try using community gyms and health clubs if cost is a prohibition

Always remember to exercise at YOU

R own pace. When you feel comfortable, increase the pace of the exercise.

Return to the old days, shovel the snow, cut the grass with a push mower and wash your car by yourself

Select an activity to keep yourself fit, select something that you really enjoy doing

Eat adequately, a balanced diet and ensure that you get enough sleep.

Walk the dog, everyday

Keep a small garden and weed it during the growing season. Involve in growing some fresh vegetables and fruits.

Let go of the indulgences of escalators and elevators, try using the stairs between floors

Take time off and walk for a few paces during your lunch hours

You can join an aerobics club or a walking club. They are great for interactions with other expecting mothers and for support

Have neighbors and friends to call up? Don’t just pick up the phone, ride a bike and physically tell them.

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If you have to send an email to some on in your office send a memo instead. If you need to use the bathroom or the copier, use one on a different floor. Take the stairs.

Give a deep massage to your partner. This is going to exercise your arms, your back muscles and also your chest.

Try some sports, like bowling, swimming, and archery, anything that can keep you fit and healthy.

Always ensure to speak to a doctor before starting an exercise regime.