Muscle Disease WON’T Stop This Fitness Barbie

Muscle Disease WON’T Stop This Fitness Barbie

Muscle Disease WON’T Stop This Fitness Barbie

I am a 24 year old medical student specializing in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Likewise, I am a gogo dancer and model. I have been personally training and teaching fitness classes since I was 18. I am also a NPC bikini competitor. I always have lived for my dreams and I have sacrificed everything from friends, family, and a social life for my dreams.

My dreams are the reason I wake up everyday. I never want to settle and I try be a better version of me than I was yesterday. I always have been a gym rat since high school but I took it to the next level in college. My first couple of shows I placed and my recent show in October, I was convinced I was going to win.

A week before my competition, my body was paralyzed in pain and I gained 30lbs of inflammation. For two months, I struggled with my condition. I was not eating and exercised at an intensity to be losing weight not gaining. There were days where I could not walk or it even hurt to get dressed or move. I had to quit work, take time off from the gym, and even almost pull out of school. I was devastated. Everything I worked for was taken from me. I had been to multiple doctors and still had no answers after two months.

The week before finals I was ready to file for a leave of absence in the next semester and I was determined more than ever to finish my finals that semester. I could not bring myself to do it and I fought more than ever to find an answer.

The week of finals I was blessed with that answer. I was diagnosed with muscle diseases, fibromyalgia and myodynia (pain in a muscle or group of muscles). I was not angry but more relieved. I could finally start managing my condition. My doctor told me that I should abandon competing but that was not an option for me. My dreams I refuse to give up. This just simply means I will have to rock my disease. Yes, it is going to be extremely tough physically and especially mentally but I am stronger than any struggle given to me.

It has been a month and half since I got diagnosed and with hard work, I am down 22lbs of the 30lbs. I am only about 6-8 lbs from my competition weight. I will not allow anything to get in the way of my dreams. This did not get the best of me. I am a huge believer in the 5% brand by Rich Piana. The 5% stands for the 5% of people who will do anything and everything to achieve their goals. Nothing stands in their way and they will give up everything to get there. This is how I live my life always and how I continue to view my future life. I am hoping to meet Rich in February and eventually, become a 5% sponsored athlete.

I strength train 5 days a week in the evening after school and do fasted HIIT cardio in the morning before school. I lift to failure each set. My diet is based on a ketone diet, low carbs and high protein. Only supplements I take is protein powder. I try to obtain my vitamins and BCAA’s through natural foods.

I hope to be the first Bikini Pro with a muscle disease. Likewise, I hope to be a fitness model. I am aspiring to connect my career as a sports medicine and rehabilitation doctor with the fitness industry.