Stay-at-home orders due to COVID unpredictable situations have transformed E-Commerce immensely. From December 2019 to July 2020, Corona has taken a massive amount of lives worldwide. The destruction caused by this outbreak is witnessed by the whole world. Economic disasters are spreading continuously. As it is the digital era, there was positivity in the rise of E-commerce platforms. Visit for more information.


E-Commerce emerged as a favorable shining jewel in the battle against COVID-19. It supported mankind and helped in reducing the disease spread by selling products and services online. Grocery stores began selling products by introducing door-to-door facilities which eliminated the risk of in-store interactions. Eventually, this practice nullified in-person cash purchases and got replaced by electronic banking. 

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Miami Florida is the most glamorous city in America – study

Do you even know how glamorous we are, Miami? So glamorous! Here, look at this photo of the Design District, where we all shop  LOL.

Do you even know how glamorous we are, Miami? So glamorous! Here, look at this photo of the Design District, where we all shop LOL.


Forget the daily terrors and aggravations: COVID, the housing crisis, rampant income inequity, non existent public transportation, hurricanes, bad drivers, drunk boaters, carpetbagging tech bros, people who eat food in the grocery store before they pay for it.

Forget them all, and know this: Miami is the most glamorous city in America.

You know how we know this is true? says it is true, and who would have its finger on the pulse of glamour more accurately than a website that helps you price lawn maintenance services?

Lawnstarter examined the 50 biggest U.S. cities across 20 key “glam” factors: including high-end jewelry and cosmetics stores, Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, Fashion Week events and household wealth (not our household). The number of

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Surprise! Amanda Bynes Raps on a Tease of Her New Song ‘Diamonds’ (Listen)


Amanda Bynes is teasing a new phase of her career.

On Wednesday, the actress shared a clip of an upcoming song titled “Diamonds” on her Instagram. The song features Bynes rapping with artist Precise, who is believed to be her fiancé Paul Michael. He also posted a video of himself rapping along to the song on TikTok.

Bynes raps in what seems to be the chorus of the song, with lyrics like “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds / On my neck / On my wrist / Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.”

The teaser post is the latest confirmation that the two are still together after they split for a brief time in March 2020. They’ve seen been seen out and about on several outings over the last month. Bynes, 34, was spotted wearing a ring on her ring finger and her Instagram bio reads, “Engaged to my love.”

Bynes first announced her engagement

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Victoria Beckham’s fashion brand may not be profitable, but she got the respect she always wanted

So why has a woman with 28 million followers on Instagram and a fashion collection that has been admired by Anna Wintour and worn by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sienna Miller failed to break even? 

The pandemic was always going to be particularly brutal for a label we associate with sharp tailoring, tight dresses and high-end work-wear – and Victoria Beckham Beauty, which was launched in autumn 2019, was unfortunately timed. Focusing on make-up rather than skincare at a time when women have turned to expensive face creams and serum instead of lipsticks and foundations, it has ended up costing the brand more than it has made. 

But even before the coronavirus raised its head, brand VB was floundering: by the end of 2018, operating losses sat at £11.7 million, while sales fell 16 percent year on year to £35.1 million. Yes, 2019 was slightly kinder to Victoria Beckham

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