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Malang 9 August 2020 is a place to learn Search Engine and does not sell and buy SEO services.

Ifan Azwar Anas is an SEO Artist as well as the owner of Godsseo, Goyizseo, and With the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia, search engines’ role will be even more significant in the business world.

Many SEO services offer services in the field of SEO, but it is apparent that is only a place to learn search engines without trading any services.

The education provided at is about all activities related to search engines, from optimization to strengthening positions on search engines.

The education provided here is global and has nothing to do with white hats, gray hats, or black hat techniques.

Regarding the slogan of, “we cheat search engines,” that is a slogan only, it does not mean we are carrying out … Read More

10 Influential Women Designers in Fashion History

Long before the origins of what would become Women’s History Month were put in motion in 1981, female designers and pioneers in fashion were carving out their own paths to empower women with clothes that instill confidence and to create jobs that sustain livelihoods.

While millions associate fashion purely with style, these troubadours used their designs to create a more individualistic route to self expression and to alter preconceptions of what a woman should be. Conformity was not what they were after. Interestingly though, these leaders often created garments with comfort in mind so as to allow the wearer present their truest sense.

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WWD has delved into its archives to highlight how these female creatives still influence fashion today.

Madame Grès

It is not often that fashion acquires genius but, once in a while, it shows up.

Unadorned in her trademark beige turban and straightforward manner of

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Extract

With people leading a very hectic lifestyle, it has become especially important to focus on maintaining a proper diet that can help in preventing ailments and keeping the body energized. Berries, for example, are considered the best option when it comes to flushing out all the toxins from the body and purifying blood. One of the most popular and beneficial berries is bilberry which has several key properties and benefits. Bilberries and blueberries are very similar to one another. The only noticeable difference that can be found between the two is their colour. While bilberries are usually red on the inside, blueberries have a light green tinge. Bilberry extract is also available as a supplement. Bilberry supplement can be bought with special price using piping rock coupon.

Places where Bilberries are found in abundance

Ireland, Scotland and Poland are known for the best quality of bilberries. Plucked usually in … Read More

Proenza designers reflect on getting off the ‘hamster wheel’

NEW YORK (AP) — As New York was grinding to a halt in the spring, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the designers behind Proenza Schouler, were a world away, trekking in Patagonia. They came back to a changed city.

“Those first couple of weeks were obviously spent just figuring out how to keep the company afloat,” says Hernandez. Then the duo realized they had to start drawing their next collection. They sat in their studio in Massachusetts “with a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, blank walls, and we’re like, ‘All right, here we go … what are we gonna draw?’ We had NO idea.”

What eventually emerged was a collection, just released, that dispensed with much of the spectacle and structure of a fashion show — because for once, there wasn’t going to BE a show — and focused on ease, heavy on soft fabrics and, strikingly, shoes that

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