‘Dior Untold’ Podcast Recounts the House’s Perfume History

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PERFUME PODCAST: Dior Untold,” a podcast from the house of Dior, goes live on June 28 and pulls back the curtain on the story of Christian Dior and his iconic fragrance creations.

The audio journey takes listeners to locales central to the designer and the perfumes his brand made — Provence, Paris and Normandy — to meet the main characters, among other elements, of this rich history.

Dior was a perfume visionary: the first couturier to show a fashion collection at the same time as unveiling a fragrance, Miss Dior, in 1947.

The premiere podcast episode is called “Dior in Bloom” and starts in the South of France, in 1954, at the designer’s home, the Château de la Colle Noire. That’s near Grasse, France, considered the birthplace of modern perfumery, and boasts a garden and surrounding fields festooned with flowers.

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Harris Reed Is Designing the Gender-Fluid Fashion of the Future, One Harry Styles Blouse at a Time

For Pride 2020, GQ’s Give It Up series invites influential artists and athletes to shine a spotlight on charities that are important to them. If you feel inspired—give!

Minimalism often seizes designers in periods of uncertainty: when the fashion industry is on the ropes, say, or when a given designer needs a reset. But the work of Harris Reed, the 23-year-old English-American designer, suggests that fashion is sell my house fast jacksonville entering a new period of exuberance. Reed just graduated from Central Saint Martins, fashion’s most prestigious graduate school, but has already been hard at work: dressing Ezra Miller in a feathered top hat and Solange in a portrait hat with a circumference to rival a bird of prey’s wingspan, and forging a creative partnership with Harry Styles that has electrified the possibilities of the blouse.

“Gender-fluid clothing has become a vessel to be taken in whatever way

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The 20 Worst Charities You Shouldn’t Be Donating To

Definition Of ’Charity’

Or so that you’d assume… actually, only three% of their donations actually make it into the hands of Vietnam Vets. The relaxation does a grand job of propping up the financial institution accounts of the muse’s sleazy directors. The 2nd cancer research charity to make our list is the American Breast Cancer Foundation, a corporation arrange in 1997 with the intent of funding well being training and free breast exams for ladies. With hundreds of thousands of excellent Samaritans regularly donating a portion of their paycheck to good causes, charities are booming… unfortunately, not all of the cash going into them is coming out the way we predict.

Charity In American English

Since St. Jude opened its doorways in 1962, ALSAC has had the duty of raising the required funds to keep the hospital open. Memphis was chosen on the suggestion of Catholic Cardinal Samuel Stritch, a … Read More

Secret hack helps you get a designer wallet for a fraction of the cost

Reyna, AKA queenbouj on TikTok, is a bit of a luxury fanatic. Whether she’s showing off her designer sneakers or perfume collection, Reyna is all about luxe shopping. But that doesn’t mean she’s always paying high-end prices. The Los Angeles-based fashionista has got a few tricks up her sleeve and one went viral in August.

Reyna showed how you can get a Dior cardholder for only $65 with this clever hack. Instead of heading to the handbag section at Nordstrom, Reyna bought a 2018 Dior “Daring” lip palette. The makeup comes in a leather carrying case with the Dior logo on the snap closure.

In the clip, Reyna took the palette, removed the makeup pan and put her money and cards inside. It’s really that easy. The lip kit is still available at some stores for $65. Compare that to a real Dior cardholder which can cost

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