Hailey Bieber on Her Exact Daytime and Nighttime Beauty Routine

  • Hailey Bieber has revealed the exact daytime and nighttime beauty routine she sticks to for glowing skin
  • The 24-year-old model and Instagram star discusses on our Going For Goal podcast her go-to ingredients for nixing breakouts and warding off signs of ageing
  • She also chatted to us about husband Justin’s Lyme Disease diagnosis, as well as the workout that gets her in the best shape, how she eats well and what she does to protect her mental health online

    For an LA-dwelling, global social media sensation – followed every step by 32m Instagram fans and a hoard of paps – you’d be forgiven for thinking that Hailey Bieber would have a suitably Hollywood beauty regime, featuring more pricey products and exotic treatments than you could throw a muslin cloth at. But the 24-year-old model and bareMinerals ambassador spoke on this week’s Going For Goal podcast and told us that she

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    Soo Joo Park Makes Her Music Video Debut With Desire

    “I would be doing my makeup and look at Soo Joo’s and be like ‘Oh, oh yeah, that much glitter…’” says Desire’s Megan Louise as she and the synth-rich band’s new keyboardist Soo Joo Park laugh on the line. “We did everything ourselves, there was no team, there was no makeup artist, there was no assistant.”

    Such was the DIY beauty approach for “Zeros,” Park’s music video debut directed by Kirill Nong and assistant director Polina Pierce. Filmed over 48 hours in Palm Springs, “Zeros” takes viewers on a neo-noir trip featuring a landline, a hardware store, a pickup truck, and a shovel-wielding pair played by Park and Louise. “It was instinctive for me,” Park admits of using the beauty tricks she’s “absorbed through osmosis” over years of modeling. “Desire’s persona when she goes on stage is like Jem and the Holograms in electroclash world, and I wanted

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    Youmna Khoury Takes Fashion and Beauty to a Whole New Level

    Youmna Khoury

    Youmna Khoury is an up and coming name in the world of fashion and beauty especially in Lebanon, Dubai, and other Middle Eastern countries. Getting into the business by starting her own salon, Youmna is now running a successful online store called Youmi online shop. With clients pouring in from all over the world, her business has gained immense assets, success and popularity.

    A lot of the online stores mostly sell shoes and clothes but Youmna took fashion to a whole new level by selling luxury lashes, contact lenses, and hair extensions. Thus, by selling these fashion accessories, she makes us understand about the importance of all these little things in fashion. Fashion, beauty, and style is not just about wearing good clothes. You also need to make sure that your other added accessories like hair extensions are on point too.

    Youmna believes that one must focus on

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    The ‘Beauty Needs Me’ Podcast with Dunni Odumosu & Taleah Griffin Returns Thurs. Feb. 4

    Beauty Needs Me
    Beauty Needs Me – Dunni Odumosu (left) and Taleah Griffin (right)

    *New episodes of iHeart award-nominated “Beauty Needs Me Podcast” will start to air weekly every Thursday as of February 4. Hosted by Taleah Griffin, a previous publicist and writer turned model/actress/host, and Dunni Odumosu, a previous L’Oreal cosmetic chemist and now global biopharma professional, these 2 ladies have phenomenal much-needed voices in beauty. 

    The podcast has previously featured discussions with brand founders like Urban SkinRx’s Rachel Roff, industry folk like Emmy winning hairstylist, Angela Styles and Dove’s Herman Riley, and the science behind the products we love (and need) to use and more!

    “Beauty Needs Me,” hosted by two millennial women and self-proclaimed “lazy beauty girls,” seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity in the beauty realm by amplifying the voices of Black women and other women of color. By combining their unique perspectives

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