Vera Wang says her new prosecco Party matches her ‘funnier, crazier’ personality

It’s time to raise a glass to the world’s most popular sparkling wine for the fourth annual National Prosecco Week, and what better way than with a new bottle backed by one of fashion’s most notable names?

Vera Wang is synonymous with celebrating life’s big occasions, so her foray into producing an effervescent, premium Italian prosecco with a sleek, modern bottle design is an organic extension for her brand.

PARTY was born of the idea “to create a drink for weddings and other celebrations that we thought would

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The notion of personal care signifies protection from exposure to harmful and disastrous germs and keeping the body safe from any dirt and unhygienic vulnerability. Maintenance of personal presentation not just influences the private life of people but that has a huge impact on shaping the professional progression. No one wants to hire employees who do not regard the value of personal care, as it’s tough to change the thinking of such employees. 

The covid-19 changed the functioning and operationality of businesses and companies spent the enormous budget on training their employees to stay clean by washing hands, taking bath after going back home, using lotions and hand sanitizers, and many more personal care practices. Personal care products risk compelling individuals to make rational decisions while purchasing products from different brands.


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3 Cosmetic and Beauty Companies Using Blockchain Technology

Thanks to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology as a whole is attracting a lot of attention. Blockchain forms the backbone of the cryptocurrency industry, but the technology is quickly being adopted in other fields thanks to its decentralized nature, security, and scalability.

From real estate to agriculture, blockchain technology is used for keeping records of transactions for transparency. Now, it has made its way into the billion-dollar beauty industry: cosmetic start-ups are turning to blockchain for quality control.

Here is our top picks of cosmetic and beauty companies that have turned to blockchain, to provide a better online shopping experience to their customers.

Screen capture of Em Cosmetics website homepage

If you are into the beauty community on YouTube, you would be no stranger to Michelle Phan. The beauty guru was at the peak of her YouTube career circa 2010 and even worked with L’Oréal to launch her own makeup line, Em Cosmetics, in 2013.

Phan went on a

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Photographer Mert Alas’ New Venture | Podcasts

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Renowned fashion photographer Mert Alas — one half of the renowned duo Mert and Marcus — has spent the last four years immersed in the world of gin. While pandemic pivots to new creative ventures have become commonplace, Alas was looking for a new creative outlet long before the current crisis. In crafting his new aromatic gin — named Seventy One after the number of nights it takes to rest the spirit in oak casks — he found many parallels with fashion’s creative challenges. Just like in fashion, gin making has suffered from a focus on speed over quality. True craft requires patience and time, Alas says.

On this week’s BoF Podcast, Alas speaks with Tim Blanks about finding new creative avenues and resisting the pressure to produce more and more and more stuff.

  • Alas approached his new gin like

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