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Famed French designer Pierre Cardin dies at 98

Pierre Cardin, the French fashion designer famed for 1960s-era avant-garde and Space Age looks, who pioneered fashion ready-to-wear and the fashion licensing system that made him rich but diminished his brand’s reputation, has died. He was 98.

His death was announced by French Academy of Fine Arts on Tuesday. The academy did not give a cause of death or say where or when he died.

Born Pietro Cardin in 1922 to French parents in their vacation home in San Biagio di Callalta near Venice, Cardin’s family left Italy two years later to escape fascism and moved back to Sainte-Etienne in central France, where Pierre grew up.

From an early age, he was interested in dressmaking, starting work at age 14 as an apprentice even though his father wanted him to become an architect. He moved to Paris in 1945, where he studied architecture and worked with the fashion

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People have pledged over $300,000 for a NASA-made perfume that smells like outer space

People have pledged over $300,000 to bring a NASA-developed fragrance that smells like outer space to the masses on Earth. 

The scent was developed over a decade ago but was only used by NASA during astronaut field training, according to the product’s Kickstarter page. Now, “through sheer determination, grit, a lot of luck and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out,” the website said.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise enough money to manufacture the scent as a perfume called “Eau de Space.” As of Sunday, $307,674 has been raised. 

“We’re ready to manufacturer the smell and all we need is (to) meet our minimum order quantity and then we can bottle and ship it,” the website said. 

Mazda turns 100: Automaker brings car refreshes to the U.S.

In a video on the Kickstarter page, astronauts discuss the distinct smell of outer space.

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The ‘Beauty Needs Me’ Podcast with Dunni Odumosu & Taleah Griffin Returns Thurs. Feb. 4

Beauty Needs Me
Beauty Needs Me – Dunni Odumosu (left) and Taleah Griffin (right)

*New episodes of iHeart award-nominated “Beauty Needs Me Podcast” will start to air weekly every Thursday as of February 4. Hosted by Taleah Griffin, a previous publicist and writer turned model/actress/host, and Dunni Odumosu, a previous L’Oreal cosmetic chemist and now global biopharma professional, these 2 ladies have phenomenal much-needed voices in beauty. 

The podcast has previously featured discussions with brand founders like Urban SkinRx’s Rachel Roff, industry folk like Emmy winning hairstylist, Angela Styles and Dove’s Herman Riley, and the science behind the products we love (and need) to use and more!

“Beauty Needs Me,” hosted by two millennial women and self-proclaimed “lazy beauty girls,” seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity in the beauty realm by amplifying the voices of Black women and other women of color. By combining their unique perspectives

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