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15,000 people have learned American Sign Language from these affordable ASL courses


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Learn the basics of ASL for just $35 with these customer-favorite online courses. (Photo: StackCommerce)

Looking to become bilingual? Maybe you should try something a little unexpected. One of the best — and most unique — languages to study is American Sign Language, not just for its rich history but because it’s a way to make your community more inclusive. In the United States, ASL is the fifth most used language and there are over 37 million people considered deaf or hard of hearing.

If you’re intrigued, check out these top-rated online ASL classes in the All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle, which boasts 13 courses and 590 lessons perfect for beginners. It’s just $35 right now, down from $618. That’s a wild 94% off!

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Why learn ASL?

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Learning American Sign Language is fun and easy with this online training. (Photo: StackCommerce)

As a hearing person who has learned sign language, you’ll be poised to communicate with friends and family of nearly any age who are deaf, hard of hearing or non-verbal; volunteer with the deaf community; or even become a sign language interpreter for the government or performers.

Lately, there’s been increased discussion of teaching American Sign Language in schools. Some school districts now permit it to be accepted as a foreign language requirement. Making basic ASL conversations as accessible as Spanish in school could be the first step toward better communication between the deaf and hearing communities across regions and age groups.

Everything you’ll study in these online ASL classes

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Waiting for a sign to learn ASL? This $35 training is it. (Photo: StackCommerce)

Now it’s easier than ever to learn ASL online thanks to the All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle. Its courses include 29 hours of training led by well-reviewed instructors who can help you immerse yourself in a vibrant culture and introduce you to the beauty of this visual language. And you can access the courses forever! You’ll receive content like:

  • American Sign Language: Beginner: Start with the basics like the alphabet, fingerspelling, simple vocab and even how to tell a short story in ASL.

  • American Sign Language for Business: Beginner: Get ready for the office with business vocabulary and ASL interpersonal conversation skills.

  • ASL: Tom Loves Ruth: This course will get you ready to explain a whole narrative while also encouraging faster signing and improved storytelling skills.

  • ASL: Family & Adjectives with Q/A: Chat about your family in ASL when you pick up new family vocabulary, pronouns and adjectives in this class.

  • ASL: Colors & Nouns with Q/A: What’s life without colors? You’ll pick up some more descriptive words and practice dialoguing in this course.

  • ASL: Animal & Number Sentences: This class bolsters counting, numbers and animal vocabulary, expanding all the things you can sign about.

  • ASL: Personality Q&A: Tell us about yourself with this ASL module that gets you ready to answer “Yes” and “No” questions and talk about personality traits.

  • ASL: Action Verb Sentences: Practice more fingerspelling when you work on names, plus learn 21 action verbs.

  • ASL: “How Are You?” + 30 Emotions: It’s all about your feelings in this course where you learn to describe your emotions and practice dialogue like “How are you?”

  • ASL: Pronouns + Vocab: There are some words you’ll use a million times without thinking about it, and that’s what this class covers: more of the basics like personal and possessive pronouns.

  • ASL: Fingerspelling: Practice makes perfect when it comes to signing and understanding fingerspelled words and letter combinations in this deep-dive training.

  • ASL: The Manual Alphabet: When you want to communicate a word that you don’t know in sign language, the manual alphabet is essential. Don’t miss this section that teaches you to read and recognize manually spelled words.

  • ASL: Everyday Phrases Set 1: To reach true fluency, get comfortable with everyday phrases through this class focusing on common vocabulary.

Learning a new language not only keeps your brain active, but it also gives you the tools to make a more inclusive world. With all courses rated at least 4.5 out of 5 stars, over 15,000 students have already benefitted from learning American Sign Language with this online training.

Just take a look at some of the reviews:

“This program is so easy to follow; very user friendly. The information is broken down into manageable sizes. I can sit down and learn as much or as little as I want!,” says a fan.

This mom is equally smitten: “I love the history information and I love being able to learn it from my home. I am learning it along with my daughter, which makes it really special.”

And this grandpa is truly thankful for the course: “My granddaughter has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. This has given the wife and I a route to communicate more effectively with her. Thanks!”

Take advantage of a massive 94% savings on this 13-course bundle and enroll in online ASL classes for just $35. Typically valued at over $600, these steep savings offer an easy intro to a new hobby and a meaningful language practice.

$35 $618 at Yahoo Life Shop

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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