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18 Of The Best Oversized T-Shirts That Still Fit Perfectly (2022 Edition)


Kanye West’s legacy will always be ripe for discussion. For example, allusions to being a God, weird beef with Pete Davidson, masterful lyricism, talented music production, or the global success of YEEZY. The man is a walking Twitter trend. There’s one part of his legacy that’s much less contested: his good use of the best oversized t-shirts. 

While Kanye has been the bastion for the best oversized t-shirts, many other stylish men have ultimately picked up the gauntlet. The growing appreciation for oversized t-shirts ties into the current trend favoring relaxed fits, a 90s edge, and casual vibes. 

I feel rude answering the “what is an oversized t-shirt” question, but there is at least some nuance in the answer. A brand will call it “oversized,” naturally, but they might also describe this as a “boxy fit” or “relaxed fit,” so keep watch for that.

We also have a huge fashion hack for you exclusive to Fashion Beans. Are you ready? Just buy one size too big, and you’ll have a similar effect to that of the oversized t-shirt. Don’t tell anyone.

So, a baggy t-shirt is super comfortable, very on-trend, and a highly practical bit of kit when it comes to styling, but it is important to remember it is casual. Don’t think you’ll easily slip into the Four Seasons unnoticed for cocktails wearing a baggy tee.

Designer to quotidian; patterned to the plain; white to bright; we’ve filtered through the muck leaving only the best oversized t-shirts behind. Read below. You shan’t regret it. 


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This CDLP heavyweight t-shirt has everything. The blend of lyocell and high-quality Pima cotton makes for a luxurious, heavyweight, and long-lasting product. These t-shirts come in the only colors you will ever need when it comes to basic, foundational styling—black, white, navy, and off-white. And they offer a vast span of sizes from XS to XXL. This t-shirt has all bases covered, hence why it’s our top pick for the best oversized t-shirts.

Material: 67% Lyocell, 33% Pima Cotton | Colors available: Navy, White, Off-White, Black | Sizes available: XS-XXL 

Despite being the material of choice by Hippies for generations and therefore the butt of many a-joke, hemp is the material of the future. Get used to it. Why? It helps regenerate farmland soils, doesn’t require fertilizer, and drinks far less water than a regular crop. However, the hemp fibers are thicker and naturally coarser than cotton, so it needs to be blended with another material to allow them to be comparable to other softer products on the market. Here, Everlane merges hemp with organic cotton for a sustainable, comfortable combo. Smiles all around.

Material: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton | Colors available: Gray, Black, White, Red, + | Sizes available: E1-E7 (XXS-XXL)

This “Soho in Color” falls among the best oversized t-shirts – it channels the vibrancy, diversity, and artistic nature of the brand’s home—Soho in Central London. The rectangular framed graphic gives it the sense of being a work of art itself. Artwork about artists in artist-town. If you’re into art and want to shout about it, look no further. 

The brand quotes both regular and relaxed fit on the website, so buy one size up to ensure an oversized fit. Style with some brown or sandy-toned twill cotton workwear pants and stylish white trainers. 

Material: Cotton | Colors available: White | Sizes available: S-XL

Some brands have an incredible vintage repertoire. Think Prada, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Trussardi, and Polo Ralph Lauren, to name a scant few. But one name comes out on top in the vintage market—Yves Saint Laurent. This t-shirt comes with a tasteful logo design on the front and edged hems with extra fabric hinting at an early 00s design. The XL size makes it a good candidate for suiting an oversized fit.

Vestiaire Collective is a treasure trove of authenticated vintage pieces. Be warned… you are guaranteed to lose hours of your life and gain incredible clothing.

Material: Cotton | Colors available: Gray | Sizes available: XL

Yves Saint Laurent T-shirt

The workwear-rooted Carhartt delivers a baggy and affordable t-shirt with a no-frills attitude. What’s not to love? The design comes in many different colors to precisely match the occasion or a particular mood you might find yourself in. Plus, sizes go up to triple XL, so even larger and taller men get to enjoy the joys of a loose-fitting t-shirt. With over 70,000 ratings and an average of 4.6 stars, you know it’s good.

Material: Cotton | Colors available: 40 Color Options | Sizes available: S-XXXL

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Heavyweight Short Sleeve Pocket

This A Day’s March t-shirt is 100% Tencel. Tencel is a material made from dissolving wood pulp into cellulose and pushing it through tiny holes to form fabric thread. It uses less water, less energy, and it’s biodegradable for a more sustainable material than conventional cotton. 

The soft, earthy tone of these oversized t-shirts makes it a dream to style. Try denim in black, white, or an indigo wash. For a summery take, try this t-shirt with a loose-fit linen trouser—breezy up top, breezy down below.

Material: 67% Tencel, 33% Organic Cotton | Colors available: Navy, Sand, Walnut, Off-White, + | Sizes available: S-XL

Of course, Dries Van Noten wouldn’t jump on the baggy t-shirt hype for no good reason. Here they’ve taken the general baggy shape, then elongated the body and the arms. This is the sort of innovation we expect from the exciting Dries Van Noten. Though, if we’re honest, the brand’s cultural cache is enough for the ‘best oversized t-shirt’ title – at least ad far was white t-shirts go. 

When styling, do make sure everything else takes on a baggier fit to ensure the general synchronicity of your outfit. If baggy isn’t your bag, peruse our round-up of the best “normal” sized t-shirts.

Material: Cotton | Colors available: Blue, White, Black | Sizes available: S, M, L

Let’s deal with the facts. This is an Art Deco-style t-shirt depicting Mick Jagger and the “Hot Lips” logo while also referencing the 1981 Rolling Stones World Tour. If you’re into The Rolling Stones, this might objectively be the coolest t-shirt in the world? The oversized silhouette demands the sleeves are rolled up, the windows rolled down, and the radio turned up to 11.

Material: Cotton | Colors available: Off-white | Sizes available: S-XXL


The simple Balenciaga logo with the white and red swooped underlining has become an iconic t-shirt design of Demna Gvesalia’s exciting reign. It’s desirable and simple. While it isn’t shy about pointing out which brand designed it, it still feels chic and minimalist. It has a built-in oversized fit and a plethora of vibrant colors to choose from. We especially recommend the sharp blue version. Pair this with black jeans and your freshest pancakes… sorry, crêpes. 

Material: 100% Cotton. (the trim is 97% cotton and 3% elastane) | Colors available: Blue, Black, Cream, Gray | Sizes available: XXS-L

If the white t-shirt is a youthful classic, the long-sleeved white t-shirt is its mature and better-organized brother. The screen-printed brand logo over the pristine white surface and long arms bring a sense of formality to proceedings. For a true urban-nomad look, go for black jeans, a cap, and a touch of jewelry that might add real verve. Try a silver pendant necklace here.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: White | Sizes available: XS-XL

Oversized, boxy, and some seventies vintage flair thrown in for good measure? That is exactly where we’re at with the current t-shirt trend. This We Are Bound t-shirt plays the correct melody, hitting all the right style notes. The heavyweight cotton will feel luxurious and last an extremely long time. Chino trousers in neutral tones are an excellent choice here to offset the vibrancy of the stripes.

Material: 220gsm French Terry Stripe Cotton | Colors available: Yosemite Stripe | Sizes available: S-XXL

Yosemite Stripe Pocket Tee

As in life, complexity and nuance are integral to understanding this Corridor NYC t-shirt. The majority of cotton is called Upland cotton. But there are two premium cotton strains called Egyptian and Pima with extra-long fibers. This makes them softer, silkier, and much more expensive. 

When you put this Corridor NYC t-shirt between your fingertips and feel the Pima cotton, you’ll know its quality. And a quality beige oversized t-shirt is a staple of the modern man’s wardrobe.

Material: 100% Organic Pima Cotton Jersey | Colors available: Beige | Sizes available: S-XXL

Corridor NYC Organic Garment-Dyed T-shirt Seafoam

Quit doom-scrolling. Put down that printout of the latest IPCC Climate Report. We could all do with a little more eco-positivity in our lives. This t-shirt delivers that but with added panache. The soft marshmallow color of the fabric, the slogan reading “There’s No Place Like Home,” and the checkered seas combine to create a suave aesthetic. It’s the eco-warrior’s best oversized t-shirts that you’ll actually want to wear.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: Marshmallow | Sizes available: XS-XL

The striped neckline and pocket hem bring style to an otherwise high-quality but conventional black t-shirt. On the website, it confusingly refers to the t-shirt having both slim and regular fit so we recommend at least one size up for an oversized fit. Let the Earth-friendly organic cotton hang out… dudes.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: Navy | Sizes available: XS-XL

Farah Organic Cotton T-Shirt In True Navy

What do you get when you cross food, gods gift to snacks (olives), humor and a podcast? A swirling concoction of a deliciously crisp martini tee from the minds of Percival and Off Menu. This collaboration combines Percival’s exuberant embroidery with the clout of some truly funny gents. This is a t-shirt you’ll have to be wrestled out of by your friends/partner(s) just to put in the wash.

Material: Cotton | Colors available: Black | Sizes available: XS-XXL

Oh, sweet, vintage, aesthetic. The various stripes alternate between cream, green and red, making this t-shirt pleasing to look at. The thick organic cotton has a luxurious feel, as well as solid durability. The delicious visuals mean you only need minimal additions to achieve a nice look. Try dressing it alongside plain beige shorts and leather boat shoes or sandals. Trust us, you’ll be sauntering through the summer warmth with swagger in no time.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: Light Green, Pink, Orange, Navy | Sizes available: XS-XXL

The range of Unrecorded’s t-shirts colors all come with a slight wash. Continue the washed theme by pairing it with denim jeans and some sick-ass sneakers. The organic cotton construction and simplicity of execution mean this t-shirt is a prime suspect to be “baggified.” Also known as buying a size up to become fashionable.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: White, Green, Black, Blue, + | Sizes available: XS-XXXL

KAPOW. Nope, that’s not the sound of you entering into the pages of a comic book. Nor is it the first word of Owen Wilson’s new FashionBeans style column (ahh..one day). This is the sonic equivalent of the bright visuals of this Closed t-shirt. The relaxed skater-esque feel and the sparse outlined designs come in a variety of colors—light blue, red, and purple. There’s never a dull moment on this t-shirt, so be sure to wear calmer clothing elsewhere. Maybe even try some white or off-white/ecru denim here.

Material: Organic Cotton | Colors available: Honey Mustard | Sizes available: S-XXL

What To Look For In The Best Oversized T-Shirts


Having a foundation of colors in the best oversized t-shirts will be so useful when it comes to dressing. We recommend the colors of CDLP’s range—off-white, white, black, and navy. This is especially useful for the winter when you need a t-shirt more as a layer than a part of the external aesthetic. When dressing for a warmer climate, consider making the t-shirt the center of your aesthetic. In which case, a striped t-shirt, bright colors, or a t-shirt with graphics, might be a better direction.

Material Weight

Material will indicate how the t-shirt is used. GSM is the measurement used, which stands for “grams per square meter.” Anything under 160GSM is a lightweight summer t-shirt or a very comfortable underlayer. Between 160GM-200GSM gives you a mid-weight, versatile t-shirt. Anything above 200GSM is heavyweight. These will last longer, feel more luxurious, and keep you better insulated.

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Is it pocketed? Is it striped? What are the graphics indicating? What’s the neckline doing? What color is it? What’s the weight of it? These all ultimately influence the style. While it’s tempting to go for the one that looks the nicest, remember that plain t-shirts are great for general styling and outfit building, so you don’t always need the aesthetically pleasing graphic.


    • The oversized t-shirt has volume. Therefore, meet volume with volume. You can get away with chunkier trainers and baggier or loose-fitting trousers. But all within reason, of course. We don’t want you looking like you’ve been put in a shrinking machine or like your t-shirt is capable of a soft landing from our outer atmosphere. How not to style: skinny jeans. You require at least a regular fit of jeans.

      • Think of your bottom layer as the foundation of your outfit. When that bottom layer is oversized, that means bagginess and length have to continue through the rest of your layers to a certain degree. An elasticated hemmed jacket, say, a fleece, might work because you can store the loose ends inside the jacket. Generally, we suggest looser, larger outerwear.

        • Rule one: avoid skinny shorts. Rule two: make sure your oversized t-shirt doesn’t completely cover your short shorts. That’s dress/t-shirt confusion no one needs in their life.


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