For Retail and Hospitality, Fortified Cyber Security Measures are Critical

Although the digital evolution has been in motion for decades, the last two years of mobile acceleration have spurred innumerable new cybersecurity threats that continue to grow in both volume and sophistication. The retail and hospitality sector has been particularly vulnerable to cyber threats, with fast casual and quick service restaurant chains topping a long list of industries that remain notoriously vulnerable to modern cybercrime. 

Courtney Radke, a retail and hospitality field CISO for leading enterprise security company Fortinet, touched upon the sector’s increased cyber susceptibilities and more during a recent interview with RETHINK Retail. 

“There is no neatly defined ‘safe space’,” Radke revealed. “Threat actors are getting smarter, faster, and bolder in their efforts to capitalize on the treasure trove that is retail and hospitality.” 

And retail and hospitality companies of all different sizes and segments are vulnerable, too. 

Today, data resides across distributed networks and the billions

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Mother’s Day Celebration in the Simplest Way Top Vouchers Code

/ By Sandy

Mother’s Day: Back to the Basics

The whole world is revolving around technology these days. Everywhere we talk about the latest gadget or the newest game that we need. Mothers are busy working, and somehow the television is just an easy way to become a babysitter. Children can be glued to it for hours on end. That way they are not being a bother, and you get to do your chores. What happens though the end of the day, is that the connection is not there. Everyone is so preoccupied with doing their own thing, that there is no quality time with the kids. And let’s not forget the dreaded screen time. Parents and children alike are glued to their phones and tablets, to the point where restaurants are offering discounts if people put their screens away. Countless hours playing video games and using various apps, we hardly have enough

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Philly embraces sustainable fashion this Earth Day | Lifestyle

Sustainable Fashion Week has made its way from New York City to Philadelphia for the first time.

The four-day event will have the glitz and glam of a traditional fashion week, but its mission goes beyond displaying beautiful clothing. Rather than focus on high-end brands, the week highlights local designers and invites everyone to learn more about sustainable practices in their wardrobe and beyond.

Bridgett Artise founded Sustainable Fashion Week back in 2019, though she’s been working as a sustainable designer since the early 2000s. To her, the week is about accessibility — for independent designers who otherwise may not have the opportunity to showcase their work. It’s also about sharing information about sustainability for everyday fashion.

“I feel like this platform is a perfect way to get people excited and educated while they’re having fun,” said Artise, who teaches about sustainable fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Artise is

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5 Windows 10 features that are better than what you had on Windows 7

Finally made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Hopefully the answer is yes, since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 ($4 at Target) over a year ago, which means devices running that OS no longer get important updates or security patches. But never fear: Learning how to navigate Windows 10 ($148 at Amazon) isn’t too difficult, especially if you can pinpoint all of the big differences between the new OS and the older version. 

From tighter security to a new browser, Windows 10 has a lot to offer. Here are some of the biggest feature updates in Windows 10, compared to Windows 7. 

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Windows 10: Features to try now


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Security improvements

Windows 10’s advanced security and continuous patches and updates

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