June 19, 2024


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You’re pregnant, and you’re not sure where to start. It’s a common problem. It’s something I have experienced. It can be overwhelming to look at so many websites and Instagram feeds. It was a tedious task to find the best maternity photographer and maternity photographers. But it is even more difficult when you don’t know what you want. These 3 tips will help you find the right maternity photographer for you.

1. You must first decide what type of photography you want!

Photography is a truly fine art. Each photographer has their own style of editing. I am a light-hearted photographer who uses a lot of neutrals, bright whites, and slightly cooler tones. My studio is my favorite place on the planet. It gives me beautiful organic images that are soaked in natural sunlight. Other photographers are darker and moodier, using deep shadows and richer tones. Other photographers use a more clean, true-to-life editing style.

Each mama is unique, but it’s important to decide what you are most attracted to. These images will live on your walls forever and in your homes. Instagram gives you a chance to view a photographer’s latest work and get an idea of their style. I recommend that you at least take a look at their IG feed. These little squares are great for this!

2. Have they experienced photographers?

When looking for a photographer, the next thing I would consider is their expertise, professionalism, and experience. Can you see a specialty they may specialize in when you visit their website? Although it is easy to say, “Oh, her wedding work, I love her style,” this may not necessarily translate to other genres. Although there are many photographers who can photograph multiple genres of work, some photographers have particular strengths.

For example, I am a specialist in the first year of your baby. My strength is in everything, from the maternity session to your cake smash. I also photograph young families. Because I am confident that I can deliver beautiful galleries, I have decided to limit my photography to the motherhood niche. You might not be able to find me photographing seniors, flat lay, or food. It’s not my specialty! Let’s face it. You guys would be laughing if I tried landscape! While we all have different skills, they are not the same! All of the workshops and training I’ve attended were geared towards mothers, babies, pregnant women, and their families.

3. Do you find the “poses” in their portfolio appealing and something that you are comfortable with?

If you are looking for the best maternity photographer, the pose is another area to consider. Photography editing is an art, and everyone has their own style. To give you a gallery that is both diverse and memorable, I try to capture tender and playful interactions.

Maternity sessions are a little more special than other sessions. We, as photographers, want to make new mamas look and feel great! An experienced photographer might not use the same angles and poses as a newer photographer. It is great to request a full gallery to see what you get. Bonus: Make sure you check for consistency throughout the gallery’s editing style when looking at the gallery!This post was written by a photographer at Christina Louise Photos. Christina is a Florida-based photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot!