April 24, 2024


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5 ways to be a vegan jewellery with leila from lilac tree (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy


with Leila from Lilac Tree

Have you ever thought about making your jewellery business more sustainable? In this episode, Leila from Lilac Tree shares five areas she’s focused on in order to make her jewellery business vegan and work toward a net-zero environmental impact. Whether you’re interested in eliminating animal products from your process or just want to reduce your environmental impacts, this episode is full of simple, practical steps to help you get started. 

Episode Description:

  • Introduction (0:50)

  • When did you start making jewellery? (1:56)

  • What inspired you to make your jewellery vegan? (3:50)

  • We’ll discuss 5 ways to be a vegan jeweller (7:31)

  • 1. Materials: Things like pearl and coral are not vegan (8:39)

  • 2. Tools: Look for alternatives to rawhide mallets and leather bench skins (12:59)

  • 3. Polishing Compounds: Rouge and tripoli contain animal fats (17:12)

  • 4. Environmental Impacts: Think about the chemicals and products you use (21:47)

  • 5. Packaging: Find ways to reduce your plastic use and waste (26:08)

  • How do you become a Vegan Trader? (29:35)

  • What does it mean to work toward net-zero? (31:08)

  • How to connect with Leila (36:20)



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