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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Eternity Bands » Finer Custom Jewelry

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Eternity Bands » Finer Custom Jewelry

Did you know that rings have been applied to symbolize appreciate and commitment for more than 3,000 yrs? All over the yrs, variations may possibly alter, but the indicating powering the jewelry remains the same.

These days, eternity bands are the fantastic way to commemorate a unique milestone in your lifestyle. Just about every band is uniquely personal, regardless of whether it is for an anniversary or a child’s birth. It is a ring which is intended to past an eternity.

That is why it’s critical to occur up with a style that will always carry you joy. We’re below to help you find out about the diverse kinds of eternity bands so that you can make the ideal choice for you!

50 % vs Comprehensive Eternity Rings

The first detail to consider is the over-all structure of your eternity ring. Eternity bands occur in two kinds: fifty percent and comprehensive.

They both continue to symbolize the identical eternal commitment to like and they have identical configurations out there. Even so, there are a few essential dissimilarities.

50 percent

As an alternative of possessing the diamonds encircle the full band, this style of eternity ring only has the gem setting halfway by means of the band. This leaves the base part of the ring as a straightforward band without the need of any style and design, comparable to any other form of ring.

A lot of people today pick out 50 %-eternity rings mainly because they are a significantly less costly choice since they are easier to make and use much less gemstones. They are also easier to cleanse and less complicated to change the sizing in scenario your ring dimension changes in the course of the years.

Some persons dislike the search of half-eternity rings considering that they never really feel that it symbolizes the eternity aspect as properly as a full ring.


Total-eternity rings have the very same design and style all over the full band. There is no bare metal to interrupt the line of diamonds. It provides an exquisite look to the ring that you simply cannot replicate any other way.

This full ensemble of lovely diamonds helps make this ring additional costly than its counterpart. Some people today also locate wearing a whole ring to be unpleasant or awkward at very first. Since most rings have easy bands, it can choose some time to regulate to a total eternity band.

If you are looking for the finish encounter of an eternity band, then standard comprehensive-eternity bands are the way to go!

Types of Eternity Bands

At the time you’ve picked out which model of band you want, it’s time to glance at the far more specific aspects of the ring’s structure. Each kind gives a exclusive spin to the all round design and style of the eternity band.

There are numerous eternity band alternatives to appear via, so make guaranteed to get your time to pick the style that suits you greatest.


Channel rings give an instant appear of elegance. The gemstones sit within a observe that guides the eye in clean lines.

Because of to this seamless design, channel rings are frequently 1 of the to start with jewelry solutions people look for in an eternity band. The continuous line of gemstone and metallic enhances the notion of ‘eternity’ extra than other designs.

This stunning design and style does make it a much more pricey alternative. It is tough to exchange any ruined or missing gemstones simply because of the thin channels.

The smooth channel location also will make the ring truly feel sleek on your skin and hardly ever catches on your clothes. That can make it a excellent location sort for people who really don’t want a ring that will get in the way.

This kind of eternity ring is the excellent way to demonstrate off your life time determination!

Prong Established

The most traditional fashion of ring is the prong set ring. This is when the diamonds sit within of a claw, with the metallic prongs maintaining the gems in location independently.

This helps make it significantly simpler to repair or change the gemstones in scenario of harm. It also is an easier style to manufacture, which aids in the over-all expense.

The metal claws keeping the gemstones in place include more texture to the design and style. They make the ring search extra intricate, even though some persons dislike the extra texture.

The very good matter about the prong environment for eternity bands is that the prongs appear like a portion of the style. With other sorts of rings, the prongs glimpse considerably a lot more out of spot. Because eternity rings use a prolonged line of gemstones, the metal prongs really don’t stand out as a lot.

Pave Set

Pave configurations use lesser diamonds than other styles and line them up so close to a person one more that you can’t see something else. It’s meant to have the exact concept as a paved walkway, exactly where stones or tiles are lined up to produce a seamless highway.

Considering that the diamonds are scaled-down in size, it signifies a pave ring can incorporate a lot of far more diamonds in its layout. This offers the eternity band an unrivaled sparkle that other designs cannot match. It is the sort of ring that catches the eye and does not allow go.

On the other hand, these excess diamonds also make it a much more costly alternative. With this kind of natural beauty, it’s normally worthy of the selling price!


Instead of utilizing a location to location the diamonds, a reduce-down ring normally takes the metal ring base and cuts small indents into the metallic. These lower regions keep the diamonds in spot.

This helps make it so that the metal of the ring and the diamonds look like a person cohesive established. There are no additional bits of metallic to distract from the design of the ring.

This also allows even extra light-weight to attain the diamonds, letting them show off their organic splendor devoid of fall short.

The largest challenge with this design and style is the actuality that the diamonds aren’t as safe as other settings. You’ll want to be a lot more careful with this industrial-influenced type.


A tiered eternity band requires just one of the classic setting sorts and provides levels to it. For instance, rather of a single line of channel set diamonds, you could have several. 

Some individuals use the tiered style to signify one thing additional specific in their motivation. If you want an eternity ring to commemorate your family, you could get three tiers to symbolize you, your wife or husband, and your baby.

Tiered rings look stunning no subject what you opt for, but some placing designs function better than other individuals. A cut-down setting wouldn’t get the job done as a tiered ring, but pave, channel, and prong settings all seem excellent while preserving the diamonds safe.

The added substance would make tiered rings the most high-priced possibility for an eternity band, but it also allows you to insert even a lot more particular meaning to the structure.


A curved eternity band curves inward in one particular location to make way for other rings to sit upcoming to it. This will make it a excellent selection for donning along with a wedding day ring. You will clearly show off your motivation to eternity whilst also displaying your dedication to your beloved.

Curved eternity rings arrive in all kinds of kinds and patterns, as extensive as you can discover a jeweler who adjusts their layouts for this goal. Most curved eternity bands lean on the less complicated aspect so that they perform as a whole with other rings somewhat than steal the exhibit.

If you like sporting jewelry that operates with your other favourite gemstone jewellery, then a curved band is the best compromise.


Vintage eternity band solutions are the kinds that give a nod to older jewellery eras. This consists of eras these types of as Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau.

Based on the period you have decided on, the ring could use a assortment of various environment forms or even a blend.

It is often tricky to locate a jeweler that specializes in this kind of eternity ring, which can increase the total price. The most effective part about classic rings is that your chosen period has by now stood the test of time. Your ring will keep up throughout the several years as very well!

Present day

If you want the that means of an eternity band but adore donning jewelry that is even far more special and funky, then a present day eternity ring is the proper alternative for you.

The key issue with choosing a modern-day design and style is the fact that each individual jeweler has their possess artistic consider on the thought. This will make discovering the appropriate ring a bit of a problem if you have some thing distinct in mind. Nonetheless, it also makes the journey extra enjoyable if you have an open intellect for unique variations and interpretations.

There are eternity bands that use hearts to make the circle, use colourful gemstones as a substitute of diamonds, or spell out a person’s identify in the diamonds.

You hardly ever know what you are going to discover with a modern day type, so really feel cost-free to discover!

Pick out Eternity Bands That Deliver You Joy

The key thing to maintain in intellect is that there is no proper or erroneous remedy when it will come to picking involving eternity band models. Eternity bands are all about the which means driving them. As very long as the design speaks to you and your commitment, then it’s the perfect choice for you. 

That’s what helps make just about every eternity ring so special and exclusive!

Completely ready to get started building the ideal eternity band? Make contact with us now to set up an appointment. We’ll aid you just about every action of the way!