June 13, 2024


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American Truck Simulator Is Revisiting Some of Franchise’s Iconic Areas


American Truck Simulator Is Revisiting Montana

American Truck Simulator is a transatlantic trucking sim from SCS Software. It has Europe and United States settings. A lot of the studio’s sim title hugely benefited from multiple expansions and sequels that its fans have come to love.

One of the franchise’s fan favorite sequels is 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2. It is beloved among its community because it contained a map of the beautiful state of Montana. With that said, devs decided to rework the map for American Truck Simulator.

american truck simulator revisiting iconic areas

Devs also previously hinted that they added some 18 Wheels of Steel easter eggs throughout the location. With that said, eagle-eyed fans might want to keep their eyes peeled for them.

With this sort of history, we could not pass up the opportunity to revisit some of these iconic areas in our upcoming DLC,” devs said in an update. “One such location is Thompson Falls.”

Thompson Falls is a quiet Montana city that tourist know well because of its charming downtown area, natural beauty, and amazing waterfalls. “However, as many of our veteran truckers might remember, this location is also known for its logging and sawmill industries,” devs added. “Both will still continue to operate virtually to this day in our upcoming Montana DLC.”

Devs decided to rework the region to preserve “a little piece of simulator history” of American Truck Simulator. The new take on Montana will be “vast, unspoiled, and wild.”

The stunning mountain scenery of Montana only accentuates the rustic charm of the small towns beneath it,” devs continued. “Back country leads to wild, secluded spaces where it is still possible to be utterly alone.”

Unfortunately, the Montana DLC of American Truck Simulator still does not have an official release date. Thankfully, however, fans can already wish list it on Steam.

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