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BoxyCharm June 2022 Base Box Review


Hey Beauty Lovers!

The BoxyCharm Base Box has arrived and I am so happy to see a ton of makeup this time!

Lately, my BoxyCharms have been getting delivered during the first week of the month, maybe this is because they recently relaunched the BoxyCharm Ambassador program. It would be silly to send bloggers the boxes in PR at the end of the month.

How would we get our reviews out on time?

Anyway, my June 2022 BoxyCharm Base Box is here and this month it came with the BoxyLuxe (you can read that unboxing here). 

I have been getting the BoxyCharm Base Boxes in PR for the last 1.5 years, and I have to say, it is one of the best beauty subscription boxes out there!

Want to know what I got this month?

Let’s get right to the unboxing…

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BoxyCharm June 2022 Base Box

For those of you who are new to my BoxyCharm Base Box unboxings, the Base Box is a monthly subscription box that costs $27.99/month. Each box includes 5 full-sized beauty products, the products that each subscriber gets vary, so keep that in mind when you see your favorite Instagram influencer or beauty blogger unboxing their PR box.

The June 2022 BoxyCharm Base Box is so far my favorite box this year! The last few Base Boxes have been pretty skincare-heavy, but I only got makeup this month. I actually love getting skincare, but I know that quite a few of you have been disappointed with the ratio of skincare to makeup over the last few months.

Well, you are in for a treat this time!

I will go over how to sign up for BoxyCharm and how to get a free gift in your first box towards the end of this post. 

Let’s get right into the unboxing…

The first product is the Too Faced Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper ($32). This product is supposed to give your lips a temporary plumped look while nourishing and hydrating your lips’ skin at the same time. What makes the Too Faced lip plumper unique is that it also plumps your lips more and more over time.

As you can see from the photo below, it comes with a regular lip gloss looking applicator…

If you have never used a lip plumper before, these products temporarily plump your lips, usually by using an ingredient like pepper. Most lip plumpers don’t actually give visible results, so I was curious about this one from Too Faced. Let me tell you, this stuff definitely works! 

Due to the pink color of the plumper in the bottle, I was expecting it to give my lips a pretty pink tint. However, it was actually clear on my lips.

You can see that it’s clear in the swatch below.

Next, we have an eyeshadow palette from Violet Voss.

The Sunkissed Summer Eye Shadow and Pressed Pigment Palette ($37) is perfect for the summer! BoxyCharm states that this is a newly launched item, but I don’t see it being sold at Sephora yet. It is nice to see newer products being included in the BoxyCharm boxes, most other beauty boxes end up with older launches that the brand is trying to get off the shelves.

This palette is stunning! 

There are 10 very wearable shades in the Sunkissed Summer palette, including 4 mattes, 4 metallics, 1 shimmer, and 1 pressed glitter.

Check out the swatches of the top row…

And now the swatches of the bottom row…

I am actually a huge fan of Violet Voss eyeshadow palettes. I was first introduced to the brand via BoxyCharm, but I have since bought the Cool Vibes Palette (you can read that review here) for my birthday last year.

The Sunkissed Summer palette is for sure going to be used a ton over the next few months, so keep an eye on my Instagram feed and stories for some eye look inspiration.

Moving along to the next product…

The Dr. Brandt Backlight Primer ($38) is also a new launch (BoxyCharm is killing it this month). This makeup primer is supposed to fade fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. It is formulated with wonderful skincare ingredients, and it will help improve your skin with continued use. 

Right out of the tube, the primer looks pretty pigmented. Check out the photo below…

However, once you blend the primer out, it becomes sheer. It does leave behind some shimmer, check out the swatch in the next photo.

I love when makeup includes ingredients that help improve skin over time. It makes me feel a lot better about wearing makeup all day long! I did feel like my makeup applied well and lasted long when paired with this primer, and I do think it helped blur my pores a little. I will have to use this one a little more before deciding if it is worth the high price tag.

Up next is a cute little bronzer from Viseart…

The Bronze Noix ($30) is a beautiful cool-toned matte bronzer. It is the perfect shade for contouring, so I know that I will be reaching for this all summer long! I love the folded packaging, it makes it harder to open up in a makeup bag, so definitely take this one with you when traveling.

The shade is pretty light, check out the swatch below…

It’s always risky to include products that aren’t universally flattering on every skin tone in a subscription box. Thankfully, this shade works really well for me. Unfortunately, this one won’t work with darker skin tones. Hopefully, BoxyCharm will send an appropriate shade based on their profile quiz.

Look at that cute packaging…

Finally, we have a pretty classic beauty box product, a black liquid liner…

The Beauty Vaulte Eyeliner ($18) is a nice black liquid liner. It has a very fine felt tip that makes it easy to create a perfect wing, and it is a waterproof formula. I really enjoy getting liner in my boxes, especially when they are black, because I am always running out of liner!

Check out the swatch below…

I actually really enjoyed this liner. It is highly pigmented, lasts all day on my lids, and the color didn’t bleed at all. I found that it was really easy to draw nice sharp lines with the felt tip, and the product dries down fairly quickly. I would definitely consider getting this liner again when it runs out.

And that concludes the June 2022 BoxyCharm Base Box unboxing…

Keep reading for my overall thoughts and how to receive a free gift when you sign up for a new subscription!

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned in the intro, this month we got an all makeup box.

The last few BoxyCharm Base Boxes that I unboxed were pretty skincare heavy, so it was nice to see more makeup this month, especially the palette.

Additionally, the BoxyCharm Base Box box costs $27.99 but the overall retail value of the box came out to be $155! That’s a fantastic deal!

If you are thinking about signing up for BoxyCharm, you can actually get a free gift in your first box (new subscriptions only).

Check out the current free gift offer:

All you have to do is sign up here and then choose your gift.

Which free gift are you going to choose? Let me know in the comment and I will respond with my recommendation!.

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