Sephora Haul + New Beauty Tries

Sephora Haul Review

I have a Sephora haul to share today with a look at some new beauty launches in skincare and makeup! This month is my birthday month so I picked up my Beauty Insider Birthday Gift. There are a few options to pick from and I opted for the Laura Mercier set with the mini powder and caviar stick. The set is super cute and I can’t wait to try the eyeshadow stick (it’s a new color)! If you’re not a Beauty Insider yet you can sign up here. They offer a lot of fun perks. You’ll get access to events, early access to product launches, deluxe samples and more. You can Enjoy Free shipping on all orders with code FREESHIP. Exclusions apply.

Here’s a look at what I hauled so far this month. More beauty newness is coming at the end of the month which I’m looking forward to

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Best Plus Size Clothing 2022

After decades of being underrepresented in fashion, the plus-size apparel market is thriving; according to Statista, it’s worth an estimated $24 billion and growing at a rapid pace. With this explosion of demand comes more options, obviously, which means shopping for plus-size fashion is no longer confined to a handful of speciality stores or limited sections within larger department stores. Instead, everyone from retail giants like Nike to fashion-forward labels like Reformation have embraced more inclusive sizing and released freshly imagined collections that speak to a more diverse audience. The issue now is not so much a lack of options, but finding the very best places to shop for plus-size clothing in what’s become a very crowded market.

While everyone will have a different opinion

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Kim Kardashian Evokes Marilyn Monroe and We Get to Judge

Beautiful clothes are not like beautiful people. A beautiful person has something you don’t, even if you’re beautiful, too: Their beauty can’t be transferred, borrowed or replicated. We can envy or resent or imitate it, but we are always outside it. A beautiful dress, on the other hand, acts like an invitation, beckoning you to step inside it: This could be you. Still, anybody who has stepped too impulsively into a dressing room, or rifled through a friend’s closet, will know that this invitation is a deceptive one. Beautiful clothes have ideas about who gets to wear them.

Enter Kim Kardashian, who arrived at this year’s Met Gala wearing Marilyn Monroe’s famous 1962 “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress — the original garment itself, on loan from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum. Watching her carefully pick her way up the stairs, her hair bleached blond, was a weird, if

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Traditional vs Using an Orion Welder

Soldering is the process of joining two pieces of metal together. Soldering jewellery involves fusing a filler metal otherwise known as solder, into a joint. As an essential part of the jewellery making process, soldering allows the jewellery makers to easily create a range of pieces without melting or damaging the metals they are working with.

As with many other areas of jewellery making, there are both traditional and modern approaches to different skills and soldering is no exception. In our continuous effort to help you in your jewellery making journey, we have taken a look at traditional soldering and soldering with an Orion Welder to help you understand how each part of the soldering process can differ.

Re tipping prongs

Traditional – When re tipping a prong if the stone is heat sensitive you will have to take this out, with multiple stones this can be time consuming and

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