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Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Parfum : Review.


diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review

The Diptyque Philosykos is the no.1 marketing perfume from Diptyque and it retains a special put in my coronary heart and it’s a person I have been carrying for so several many years. Actually maybe 20!! It was my to start with Diptyque acquire and it is one I generally have in my fragrance stash. I assume it is a definitely one of a kind and interesting fragrance and no a person has ever carried out a fig-centered fragrance fairly like the Diptyque Philosykos! 

I was initial introduced to this scent by a buddy when I was residing in Tub. I bear in mind it vividly and she explained it was her favorite perfume and it was unusual and smelt practically like ‘barbie dolls’! Which is often stayed with me….BARBIES?! I signify I can type of see it….but it’s a small more beautiful than that I assure.

diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review

Diptyque Philosykos : The Scent.

‘The memory of a Greek summertime at Mount Pelion. To get to the sea, 1 necessary to cross as a result of a pure grove of wild fig trees. At its zenith, the sun warmed the earth and the dry wind carried the scent of the trees and their fruit. Philosykos is an ode to the whole fig tree: the environmentally friendly freshness of the leaves, the density of the white wooden, the milky flavor of the figs.’

Fig leaves, Fig tree sap, Fig tree wooden, Black pepper

This sits as a ‘woody’ scent, but it’s not usual of that fragrance genre. It has a selected sweetness and creaminess to it. I sense like it is absolutely a *much more* summery scent but of training course it is up to you how and when you don your scents. This is also unisex and beloved by the two adult men and ladies.

Philosykos is an ode to the entire fig tree: the inexperienced freshness of the leaves, the milky flavour of the figs, underpinned by the woody density of the tree. “Philosykos” indicates “friend of the fig tree” in Greek. A tree whose leaves and a couple branches introduced back again in a memory box was the resource of inspiration. 

Diptyque Philosykos will come in both of those an eau de Parfums and an Eau de toilette. The EDP is £130 for 75ml and the EDT commences at £78 for 50ml. 

diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review

Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Parfum 

The Diptyque Philosykos EDP comes in just a single sizing which is 75ml and expenses £130. This is a far more concentrated edition of the scent, it will smell much better, past longer on the pores and skin and there is more fragrance oils in the eau de Parfum. 

In the Eau de Parfum version, the fig tree reveals alone a little bit differently  The flavour of the fruit usually takes a back seat to the white cedarwood. It celebrates the strength of the tree’s bark, warmed by the midday sunlight. 

Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Toilette

The Diptyque Philosykos EDT comes in 2 dimensions :  the 50ml which expenditures £78 and the 100ml which prices £107. How outrageous is it that I try to remember obtaining the 100ml when it was like £55!?

Diptyque Philosykos Tub & Overall body

As it is this kind of a signature scent for Diptyque it was the first scent to have it’s very own bathtub and overall body assortment for the brand name. They now do hand lotions, washes, system creams and soaps…and always maintain your eyes peeled for some confined version products that often arrive and go in the Philosykos array. They also do some unbelievable Xmas sets!

Diptyque Fragrance Samples

This is genius! When you purchase any Diptyque fragrance from them immediately , it will arrive with an accompanying sample of the scent you have purchased…so you can consider / double test you enjoy it in advance of you open up the entire-sizing. If it’s not for you, you can then return the fragrance (has to be unopened) within 28 times of buy to acquire a refund or trade. I assume this is a GENIUS plan and really so helpful, significantly if you are shopping for a fragrance with no smelling it to start with (not all of us are shut to Diptyque stockists!) AND wonderful for if you are gifting a fragrance. It would be unbelievable if far more fragrance houses adopted suit.

diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review diptyque philosykos eau de parfum review

I hope you identified this review of the Diptyque Philosykos Fragrance useful and  let me know any of your favorite perfumes at the instant! I really like this a person for summer time, and it just evokes astounding recollections and it is just these a recognisable and one of a kind scent for me.

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