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Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day? Answer Will Surprise You


I have a confession to make, one of my all-time favorite meals is “breakfast for dinner” and it usually hits our dinner table a few times per month. So it goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of McDonald’s serving breakfast all day long. Sure a quarter pounder with cheese is tasty, but in my book it doesn’t hold a candle to a sausage McMuffin, especially as a late night snack. Here’s everything you need to know about the current all-day breakfast “situation” at McDonald’s so you can plan your life accordingly.

Does McDonald's Serve Breakfast All Day? Answer Will Surprise You

So…Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day Long?

No. (Insert tears here)

It went away back in 2020 when the pandemic hit, which sucks because there’s nothing better than a hash brown and Egg McMuffin at 10 o’clock at night.

What Time Does Breakfast End and Lunch Begin?

10:30 a.m.

I called a couple dozen McDonald’s locations and everyone said they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m..

A couple locations did tell me that they usually still have plenty of breakfast items up until 10:45 but they officially stop making breakfast at 10:30.

Will Mickey D’s Ever Bring All-Day Breakfast Back?


Most McDonald’s location did serve breakfast all-day up until the COVID-19 pandemic.

It became too expensive to serve breakfast all day when they were loosing employees and having trouble getting breakfast items delivered.

My hope is that at some point all-day breakfast at McDonald’s will come back…so stay tuned.

Are There Any “Secret” Breakfast Menu Items?


There are actually three McDonald’s secret menu items that I want to highlight:

1. Hash Browns McMuffin

Order any Egg McMuffin, or breakfast sandwich, and add an order of hash browns to the middle.

Fried potato heaven is the outcome.

2. McChicken and Waffles

To make this happen you start by ordering a McGriddle, minus the eggs, and substitute crispy chicken instead of sausage or bacon.

Then throw on a little syrup for some sweetness if you like living on the edge.

3. Portuguese Sausage McMuffin

Only in McDonald’s locations in Hawaii will you find the “spicy Portuguese sausage”.

So when in Hawaii, order the Sausage McMuffin but substitute in the spicy Portuguese sausage for real nice surprise.

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What Are the Best Values on the Breakfast Menu?

If you’re pinching pennies here are a few of the best breakfast values at McDonalds.

1. Big Breakfast w/ Muffin ($5.89) – For under $6, you get scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and a yummy English muffin.

2. Big Breakfast w/ Muffin and Hotcakes ($7.99) – Same meal as above but you also get 3 big ol’ pancakes for only $2 more.

3. Sausage Egg Biscuit Meal ($6.79) – For this one you get a small cup of coffee, hash browns, and a tasty sausage & egg biscuit sandwich.

What breakfast values at McDonald’s do you typically order?

It’s also worth mentioning that their coffee is VERY good and way more affordable than Starbucks or Peets.

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Ask the Reader: What’s your favorite breakfast item at McDonald’s and do you crave it late at night like me?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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