June 19, 2024


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Elven Wire Crowns, Circlets and Ear Cuffs by RefreshingDesigns


She has now pivoted her collections to include elven crowns, circlets and ear cuffs which are most sought after. These make excellent but “won’t break the bank” bridal jewelry pieces as well as caters to the cosplaying and medieval fan crowd. 

The anodized aluminum wire she uses comes in different colors so she is able to make striking designs which are not all silver or gold tone.  Her experience working with aluminum and wire wrapping shows in her flowing designs.

She explained a little about herself and her work :

I am a mother of two wonderful, active boys whom I love dearly. One of my favorite quotes says: “A mother of boys is on the go from son up to son down.” Isn’t that the truth! 

 However, when I do find time to unwind, those 10 precious minutes :}, I usually spend it making custom jewelry and accessories. It relaxes me and lets my mind wander into a land where anything is possible. I look at a long piece of wire and become excited at its potential. I never plan out my designs before-hand, unless I am making a copy. It is usually a very organic, free-form process. The wire sort of shapes itself in a way. 

 I am most inspired by medieval Celtic design and the Renaissance period. Though I am a huge fan of Tolkien too and the world of the Elves.

What’s the difference between a tiara and a circlet? They are both types of crowns but the tiara is not completely circular. Only women wear tiaras. Head ornaments have been worn by royalty and the nobility for thousands of years to signify status and power. 

Watch this video presented by Kathryn Hallett, the Preventative Conservation Manager at Historic Royal Palaces, as she explains how the tiaras were cleaned and prepared for display as part of the Victoria Revealed exhibition about the life of Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace in 2018.

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