April 12, 2024


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Ethical Diamond Options and Alternatives


We want your really like for nature to be mirrored in the jewelry you use, so we’re always seeking for approaches to make our special jewellery more sustainable and use resources from ethical resources. As we intended new engagement rings for the June 2022 launch, we researched the best suppliers for recycled, eco-welcoming, and conflict-no cost diamonds, as perfectly as substitute stones that are just as visually gorgeous. Go through more about each and every stone under to come to a decision which just one matches your aspiration ring.

Recycled Diamond

14k yellow gold ring with recycled diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Recycled diamonds are stones that now exist in the supply chain that are restored to make sure that they are the very same quality as a manufacturer new diamond. Due to the fact they bypass the mining method, they are a significantly eco-friendly selection. 

Conflict-free Diamond

18k palladium white gold birch bark rings with conflict free diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our conflict free diamonds are a short while ago mined stones. To make sure that they are ethically sourced, our diamond supplier follows the pointers of the Kimberley approach, is in compliance with the United Nations resolutions, and assures that the diamonds are conflict no cost.

Lab-developed Diamond

14k yellow gold trillium engagement ring with lab grown diamond by Beth Millner Jewelry

Lab developed diamonds are serious diamonds that were grown beneath particular disorders in a lab. They are frequently outstanding in top quality, but are a lot far more reasonably priced than mined stones. That reported, it is significant to note that they will not appreciate worth above time in the exact same way that mined stones will.

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone, and are ranked at a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This would make them excellent for daily put on. 


14k rose gold leafy branch engagement ring with eco-friendly moissanite by Beth Millner Jewelry

Moissanite could glimpse like diamond, but it is a completely unique gemstone! At first discovered in meteors, the pure offer is very constrained, and just about all moissanite on the market place is lab grown. Like lab developed diamonds, moissanite will not respect worth over time. That stated, moissanite is more cost-effective than diamond selections, and has a lot more fireplace (the quickly shifting flashes of shade viewed in some gems) than diamond. They are a 9.5 on the Mohs scale, and are appropriate for each day put on.


14k rose gold tree trunk engagement ring with Montana Sapphire by Beth Millner Jewelry

Our Sapphires are mined suitable right here in the United States in Montana. Our supplier is a Gold Degree Inexperienced The usa Licensed Business, which is an unbiased certification offered to firms that are environmentally accountable and socially equitable, among other characteristics. Each and every sapphire is heat treated subsequent market expectations to provide out the greatest shade probable from each stone, creating them a excellent possibility if you are searching for a thing blue. They are a 9 on the Mohs scale, and are ideal for every day have on. 


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