June 22, 2024


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Grab A Glass The Size Of Your Head, The Real Housewives Released A Wine Collection

If there’s one thing Real Housewives from every city can agree on, it’s that wine is more than a drink, it’s a god-given right. Just ask Ramona, who enjoys an IV drip of pinot grigio or Bethenny who has made bank on Skinnygirl wine. So it’s no surprise that Bravo jumped on the bandwagon of grape-fueled profit and introduced the world to The Real Housewives Wine Collection. Now, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t name it Real HouseWINE (a missed opportunity!), but of course, I couldn’t pass up a chance to try the latest and greatest from Bravo.
First, the facts. The line of wine from Nocking Point Wines is made up of three varieties — a merlot-heavy red blend, a sauvignon blanc, and a dry rosé. They range in price from $24-$26 a pop and can be purchased as singles, duos, or trios. All the bottles are screw tops (an actual real-life blessing from the wine gods) and are a Bravo-driven collaboration made specifically for drinking while binging the Real Housewives franchises. Timed to the release of the Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, I popped open a bottle as I jumped into the glory of Shah Chalet.
When it comes to tasting wine, I like to think I’m wine snob-adjacent — as in, I appreciate a very good bottle of wine, but you’ll also catch me drinking Two Buck Chuck on a Friday evening. I also grew up in a wine-loving household (don’t get me started on the fact that my dad researches wine for a living) so I learned a few turns of phrase like earthy, jammy, crisp, oaky afterbirth, etc. All of this is to say, I came into this tasting with an open mind and a Real Housewives-loving heart. I also called in my Real Housewives-loving friend, Marcy, who graciously tried these wines with me over Zoom like a true pandemic friend.
Real HouseRosé
Let’s start with the Real HouseRosé. To be completely frank, I couldn’t get my hands on a bottle so I’ll just share some general information about this wine. This baby is a GSM rosé (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) with notes of strawberries and a crisp acidity. I typically struggle with any rosé that isn’t bone dry and bubbly, but this one sounds delicious. I would certainly bring a bottle to a summer evening hang with gals.
Real HouseWhite
Next, we have the Real HouseWhite, which was my favorite. It’s a perfectly dry Sauvignon Blanc and the lack of sweetness really pushed it over the edge for me. I 100% would purchase this wine and drink it while binge-watching The Real Housewives, so mission definitely accomplished. The only gripe Marcy had with this one was that it didn’t taste like a $24 bottle of wine. “If this was $12, I’d buy it all the time, but it’s not worth the regular splurge,” she said.
Real HouseRed
Finally, we have the red, which is a Merlot-dominant blend. Honestly, it’s a skip for me. I don’t usually like Merlot, and this bottle didn’t change my mind. It was earthy, dry, a bit smoky, and just not something I would purchase. Marcy pointed out that for the price, she expected much more and neither of us had a second glass. If smoky wines are for you, then go for this bottle (or take mine).
Is It Worth Buying?
The Real Housewives wine trio is the perfect gift for a Bravo fan. The bottles are fun collectibles, the wines are drinkable (especially the white), and any true Real Houswives lover will get a kick out of their existence. I wouldn’t necessarily pick up one of these bottles on the way to a friend’s dinner party, but you will catch me finishing the Real HouseWhite as I dive deeper into the drama of Mormons and Salt Lake City glam.
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