June 19, 2024


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Harry Styles Looks Poised To Launch A Perfume & Cosmetics Line

As if being an actor, pop star, and fashion icon wasn’t enough, Harry Styles may be adding perfume and cosmetics master to his list of accolades. On Friday, May 28, fan account @TheHarryNews broke the story that the beloved multi-hyphenate star might just be making his way into the beauty business by revealing a screenshot from the UK Company Directory of his recent trademark filing.

Internet sleuths have left no doubt that the 27-year-old “Watermelon Sugar” singer is exploring a new venture, as “STYLES, Harry Edward” appears on the top of the leaked document. The document also shows that it was filed on May 25, per Us Weekly, and it lists Emma Spring, Styles’ assistant and mother to his goddaughter, as the company’s other director.

The “nature of business” is identified as “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics,” meaning he could be offering anything from perfume to eyeliner to nail polish (look out, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner), and the name of the business is listed as “Pleased As Holdings.” (Bustle has reached out to Styles’ rep for comment but did not receive an immediate response.)

Fans have also started fantasizing about what the line will offer, leaning into their suspicion that the star, who is known for his gender-fluid fashion and trendsetting manicures, will likely offer unisex nail polish and makeup. Styles’ famously wore soft purple nails to the 2020 BRIT Awards and a black-and-teal manicure to the 2019 Met Gala.

While some fans joked that Harry Styles “Be doing everything BUT dropping an album,” others were impressed by his ability to be a businessman on top of all of his other creative pursuits.

This wouldn’t be Styles’ first foray into fragrance. Styles is the face of Gucci’s Mémoire d’une Odeur, and as fans may remember from the time he was a singer in the world’s biggest boy band, he was also behind One Direction’s Our Moment Eau De Parfum Spray. Fans may also recall Styles’ sharing that his signature scent is Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille cologne, which could be a hint at what we can expect to smell from his personal line.

Is it possible to sell out a beauty line before even officially announcing it? Hard to say, because as one avid fan took to Twitter to say, “Shut up Harry Styles is gonna put out a perfume and cosmetics line??? Shut up and take my money.”

Although it remains to be seen what the future holds for Pleased As Holdings, fans are ready to see, smell, and even wear whatever is next from the star!