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How to Grow Long Nails Fast


How to Grow Long Nails Fast

How to Grow Long Nails for a Beautiful Manicure

Have you ever struggled in the area of nail growth? fingernails won’t grow?growth of nails I know I have in the past, but recently I have been paying more attention to ways that I can make my nails grow fast. It took some time to get used to the proper nail care tips that I found online, and I also thought it would be a good idea to share them on my blog.

There are various reasons you want to grow your nails out naturally. For me it was since artificial nails would not last long and would always pop off and ruin my manicure.

My Story…

Also, I was not too fond of the idea of using artificial substances to give the appearance of longer nails. I was not too fond of using fake nails because they can also be very unhealthy for the natural nail. I’m a natural kind of girl, and when it comes to hair care, etc. I like to be genuine, and I avoid using extensions and the like.

These days, I find that everyone is rocking extensions and fake nails, and I like to stand out in the crowd and be more of a natural girl. However, the price tag to upkeep these fake assets is unbelievable, and I also wanted to find ways to save money and put it to better use, like in a bank account and not in someone else’s wallet.

In this blog post, I will be going over ways to grow long nails and what I have learned personally to grow my nails. I struggled with growing nails out and would always have them break as soon as they grew out. I will also share one of the main things I have been doing to stop this.

So if you would like some nail care and nail growth tips, continue reading.

1. Wear Gloves While Cleaning

Another piece of nail advice that I have found helpful is always to protect the nail when cleaning. Especially when washing the dishes. I always use heavy-duty yellow latex gloves when washing the dishes at night.

Your nail bed is not wet by wearing latex cleaning gloves while washing the dishes. If it were to get wet with improper nail care, it would make the nail more prone to break as the fingernails are now wet.

But the thing that I am not liking about always wearing latex gloves is that they can easily tear. Tears will cause the water to get your fingers wet. So you may need a new pair of latex gloves once every month.

The good thing is that latex gloves are reasonably cheap, and I get two pairs for around $3.00 at Walmart. Of course, you can also try the dollar store, but from my experience, these gloves tear easier than the ones I buy at Walmart.

2. Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

I have more nail advice for you is to apply cuticle oil to your cuticles and nails at least once daily. If I do not forget, I try to use the oil once in the morning and again at night.

Applying a cuticle to the nails will also nourish the nail bed and strengthen that nail. In addition, nourishing the cuticle encourages the nails to grow healthier than if you were not to use cuticle oil.

I now use two different cuticle oils. First, I received a cuticle oil in my gel nail polish kit from Gelish. I love this cuticle oil because it smells great. But I have almost used the entire bottle, and this oil by gelish is not cheap, so my second cuticle oil of choice is the Sally’s Beauty brand of cuticle oil. It is the beauty secret cuticle oil, and I also bought a large bottle of this oil for around $8.

While the Beauty Secrets cuticle oil does not smell as good as the Gelish cuticle nail oil, the scent is tolerable, and I know that it will last a while because I bought the large bottle. You also can’t beat the price. If you want your own bottle, you can purchase it here.

3. Take A Multivitamin

I cannot stress enough how crucial taking a multivitamin daily for the growth of nails. You also might want to use a Hair, skin, and nails vitamin to get healthy nails. For myself, I take both a multivitamin and a hair, skin, and nails vitamin. They are both by Nature’s Bounty and are in gummy form.

I do not think I would have been as consistent taking the vitamins if they were not gummies. Taking gummy vitamins is easier to handle than regular pills because you don’t have to swallow them down with water. You can chew the gummies like any food. I also enjoy taking the gummy vitamins in the morning to start my days, and that is also something that I look forward to eating because they taste like candy.

Taking a multivitamin has made my nails grow out fast, but although they were growing, they were breaking fast. That is when I looked into my nail care regimen and found what I was doing wrong, which led to the next tip:

4. Use a Nail File to Smooth Edges of Nails

Using a nail file is the most crucial step I have implemented to allow my nails to grow out without breaking or chipping off. I now use a nail file every day to make sure the nail edges are smooth.

Another tip learned is to use a glass nail file and only use it in one direction. I was doing wrong all along, filing the nail in both directions. Doing this always caused my nails to break.

But once I started filing my nails in one direction, my nails ceased to break off.

Although I have not used a glass file yet, what I am using is a basic emery board that I bought at Sally’s for a reasonably low price ( I believe it was around $3)

Like I said earlier, implementing this step is very important to follow as it has stopped my nails from splitting or breaking off. As a result, I now have some length to my nails that I have never had before.

You should try this step out!

How to Grow Long Nails

5. Apply Hand Cream

This tip is straightforward yet effective, and it is also essential to keep your skin and hands moisturized. Sometimes simple activities like working or even washing your hands after using the restroom can strip your hands’ skin from the proper moisture level needed.

Applying a hand cream throughout the day restores the moisture levels in your hands and can improve the quality of your nails.

Hand cream is very similar to cuticle oil, but cuticle oil is much more concentrated than hand cream. My favorite hand cream is the Ahava Spring Blossom hand cream. I discuss more about this hand cream in this blog post.

I like to apply one drop of the cuticle to each finger and then follow up with my favorite hand cream. My hands feel unique and supple and soft.

When deciding if you should use regular lotion verse hand cream, you should opt for a hand cream as it is thicker than regular lotion and caters to the hands.

6. Use Gel Nail Polish

As a successful nail grower, I can attest that another significant factor in growing them out is the kind of nail polish that I use. Gel nail polish has helped me grow nails fast and prevented them from chipping and splitting/breaking.

If I were to wear my nails bare with no polish, I don’t think my nails would have made it through the struggle of touching and opening things and being wet.

I like to use gel nail polish after having a bad experience with regular nail polish. When I used regular nail polish, I found that a thin film layer would build upon the nail polish and make it look dirty. Dirty nails were very annoying, and I could not walk around with them looking like that, so I researched and found Gel Nails. They are by far the best option if you are looking for an alternative, natural way to wear your nails the way they are, without any artificial enhancements.

You can find gel nail polish at any manicure/pedicure salon. You can also find them at Sally’s if you prefer to apply them yourself.

Application of gel nail polish also does take some time to get used to, and you have to be careful not to apply it on the cuticle, or it will ruin the look of the manicure.

Another tip is to incorporate a thick layer of clear gel to thicken the nail bed, preventing it from chipping by making it appear thicker.

I like to use the Gelish Surface polish and apply two coats of this stuff. In the end, you will have much thicker nails, and they won’t break from the familiar elements we may find in life.


This blog post taught us some natural ways to grow long nails fast. We have covered all of the main tips for growing nails, from wearing latex gloves to applying cuticle oil and hand cream. We hope you’ve found these tips helpful in your own life! Please comment below if you have any questions or comments on the article.


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