July 22, 2024


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IRI Market Moves industry webinar series: liquor in Australia


IRI will deliver the latest installment of its Market Moves industry webinar series on the topic of liquor in Australia: post-pandemic trends, market performance and shopper behaviour. The webinar will be delivered in the form of a virtual event on 1 June.

The IRI Market Moves Industry Event in collaboration with Growth Scope will provide the sector with “much-needed clarity, guidance and stewardship after a period of immense growth and change.”

“The delivery of our Market Movers industry event for the liquor sector has been carefully timed to provide important insights that will assist retailers and manufacturers to navigate the period ahead,” IRI Director of Liquor & Tobacco Mark McCaffrey said.

“The off-premise liquor sector is one of the country’s largest FMCG channels, accounting for 22.2 billion in sales. Not only did it perform extremely well during the pandemic, it also experienced some of the biggest changes in consumer behaviour and the most significant innovations in product and packaging.

“Our industry seminar will look at both on-premise and off-premise liquor and take a deeper dive into the channel’s market performance especially across different categories including Ready to Drink (RTD) which experienced extraordinary growth of 8.5 per cent. We will also look at ecommerce, premiumisation and no and low alcoholic beverages,” he said.

“How do brands and retailers continue to drive growth while facing some serious economic headwinds?  What are the consumer drivers such as top reasons for liquor brand choices and what factors primarily influence shoppers in-store? These are important questions and topics that we will be covering in our event. It is essential to understand the behavioural differences and preferences of shoppers across different liquor banners to determine how best to meet their needs, and we will be addressing these critical aspects as well.

“This is an event that brand owners, product marketing managers and industry representatives cannot afford to miss. IRI is unmatched in our ability to provide such a clear and in-depth view of the industry and consumers, and we will be sharing our insights, knowledge and views on the state of liquor in Australia at this event,” he said.

The IRI event will be co-presented with Growth Scope. IRI and Growth Scope have collaborated in 2022 to produce five individually themed industry reports. Each uniquely dissects the growth opportunities and key fundamentals underpinning the $22.2 billion liquor industry and on-premise channel for 2022 and beyond. The collaboration has also provided IRI with the ability to measure the on-premise market for the first time which will provide brand owners with invaluable insights across the country.

“While society seems to be returning to some sense of normalcy, the liquor sector is still enjoying good growth for off-premise. Despite this we can’t underestimate the challenges ahead and we must work harder to seize the opportunities. They may be hidden within layers of insights, but they are there, and we can help you to find them,” Mr McCaffrey said.

Event details

Market Moves: Liquor in Australia

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

10am-11am AEST

Registration link here.

Event content

The ‘Market Moves’ event will cover:

  • Market Performance of the liquor sector in Australia,
  • Occasion-based dynamics such as location and sociability influencing the actual moment of consumption,
  • Consumer drivers such as top reasons for liquor brand choices and what factors primarily influence shoppers in-store, and
  • Shopper behavioural differences and preferences across different liquor banners.

At the event, IRI will reveal the ways in which consumer behaviours have evolved during the pandemic and identify key areas of opportunity for the industry across the channel.


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