February 22, 2024


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Kaia Gerber Tried to Apply Perfume With a Broken Arm, and the Struggle Is Real

Kaia Gerber, the progeny of supermodel Cindy Crawford, has become a supermodel in her own right. The 18-year-old has become one of the most in-demand runway walkers, and she stars in several fashion and beauty ad campaigns, like that of Marc Jacobs Daisy. And she’s not going to let a little thing like a humongous arm cast get in the way of enjoying and modeling the perfume she promotes.

Earlier this week, Gerber posted a photo of herself in which she’s in a setting similar to her Daisy commercial — a flower-sprinkled field — and even her white dress evokes the feel of the ad. But there’s one really big difference: Gerber is wearing a blue cast on her right arm, from her hand all the way up past her elbow. She’s holding a bottle of Daisy and doing quite a good job of pointing it toward her sun-kissed face.

The second slide of the post, however, shows it wasn’t so easy to apply the perfume. In the adorable video, Gerber is seen uncapping the bottle of Daisy and trying to raise her casted arm to spray herself. She actually has to use her other hand to lift the injured arm into the right position. Once she gets a successful spritz, she spins around in victory.

It’s unclear exactly how Gerber injured her arm. Last weekend, she shared an Instagram post introducing her followers to the new, blue accessory and the x-ray that led to it. All Gerber disclosed was, “Had a little accident but I’m okay!”

And clearly, she’s not going to let that accident stand in the way of modeling and applying her favorite perfume.

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