June 13, 2024


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Know everything about slides that you always wanted to know

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Slides are a kind of footwear. They are open-toed and backless and commonly have an open-toed mule. You will find slides in flat-heeled, high-heeled, and somewhere in-between. They might cover almost your entire foot beginning from ankle to toe and at times, they have only one or a couple of narrow straps. Commonly, slides include only one strap and at times, a sequence of straps. You can easily slide on and off your feet in your slides according to your desire. 

The thing that makes slides different from flip flops is the former doesn’t have a ‘Y’ shaped strap. With passing time, a pair of slides has turned trending as they are highly comfortable and wearing them you can take part in sports and various activities.

Why do slides cater to everyone’s taste?

Every person is different and so are their tastes. This is the reason there are different selections of slides shoes that cater to people. The remarkable thing is you will find slides in various colors. Some are found in seasonal shades too. Regardless of your preferences, you will find a pair of slides within your price range. People love to wear slides as they are highly comfortable and lightweight. 

Unparalleled breathability 

Slides propose augmented ventilation over the wearer’s foot and they turn ideal when there is scorching heat and people require footwear that would keep their feet cool, odor-free, and nice.

Use of slides

Commonly, slides are worn in casual situations and they have turned into unisex footwear that is worn by people of both genders. The various ideas and designs that designers include comprise everything imaginable. Manufacturers create slides from superior-grade suedes and leathers, faux fur lining, floral patterns, feathers, and regal pearls too that are used or attached as chief designs behind slides. 

Advantages of slides

  • They are comfortable – When the matter comes to designs then slides are considered the simplest kinds of footwear and this feature makes them highly prevalent amongst lots of buyers.
  • They permit more freedom to the wearers – If you wish to keep your feet dry then slides would turn into your best option. 
  • Can be easily used – As slides are lightweight they turn into a perfect choice for numerous wearers. When you wear slides you aren’t needed to use the zippers or tie the laces.
  • They aren’t pricey – Slides are comparatively cheaper in comparison to other kinds of shoes. And so, they are seen in huge numbers at the shoe stores.