June 19, 2024


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Lori Harvey Is Bringing Back Y2K Fashion Trends And We’re Here For It


As fashion continues to evolve, old-school trends are seamlessly beginning to step back into the scene. The late-’90s/early-2000s era was a notorious time for low-rise jeans, cropped shirts and accessories that spoke louder than words. And though many of the fashion trends we once loved may have been forgotten over the years, Lori Harvey is bringing back Y2K fashion in an even bigger way.

The 25-year-old skincare entrepreneur is Instagram’s newest Zine cover star and is channeling ’90s cyber rage with fuzzy hats, daring hairstyles and other notorious trends. Whether it’s the implementation of pearl necklaces embossed with charms or extravagant nails that have always been a cherished form of self-identity and expression, Harvey never ceases to amaze us when it comes to bringing back an iconic fashion look.


Y2K jewelry took form in many ways. From beaded necklaces to rings with custom charms and detailing, Harvey incorporated the ’90s trend with a Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings for her 24th birthday shoot. The British fashion brand is most notable for connecting modern punk with mainstream ready-to-wear fashion pieces and has sparked an ongoing movement for making fashion an art form to follow. Westwood’s three-row pearl choker first debuted during a ’90s portrait collection and features a set of hand-knotted Swarovski pearls that are a hell of a lot of money.

Head-to-toe denim

Denim was a key fashion staple within ready-to-wear during the ’90s and early 2000s. Levi’s was a prominent label that took over much of the denim scene. Whether you were rich, poor or a working-class consumer, what made denim so loved by many was how it bridged the gap between traditional fashion labels that often portrayed high-end luxury ensembles as the epitome of conventional fashion standards. Lori’s denim John Galliano dress highlights the scope of denim’s versatility, as well as brings love back to the all-denim craze that once took over the ’90s.

Preppy prints

Plaid prints and houndstooth textures were a prominent trend that transcended directly from the runway. Luxury fashion houses such as Chanel opened up a spectrum of high-end preppy looks that made for great trends. Harvey channeled her inner Cher from the movie Clueless, wearing Rowen Rose, a Paris-based label that’s mastering unique color palettes and luxury designs.

Zebra prints and bold embellishments

Harvey’s zebra print get-up was one of the fashion trends that dared to dream. It brought intersectionality and versatility to the forefront of wardrobes while also allowing for the option of not having to always sacrifice comfort over style.

Bucket hats and shoulder bags

Accessories can take an outfit from zero to 100 in seconds. Nineties’ bucket hats, whether worn with overalls or other denim garments, were an elevated force within fashion. During the ’80s and ’90s hip-hop era, bucket hats were often worn by moguls such as Aaliyah, Salt-N-Pepa, TLC and Lil’ Kim, to name a few. Shoulder bags also took hold of the fashion industry and were a key statement piece. Harvey was seen in 2020 sporting a classic Prada bucket hat along with a matching Prada re-edition 2000s nylon bag.

Hair bling

Hair bling was originally introduced during the ’20s flapper era and created a public fashion statement sworn high and low by arbiters during that time. Hair clips and gems have also made their way back into the hearts of tastemakers and were most evidently seen sported in HBO’s Euphoria, as well as making a notable comeback during New York and Paris Fashion Week in 2020. Harvey’s spring cover of Instagram’s Zine features the newly reincarnated trend of hair accessories that were once popularized during a radical time in fashion.

Now that the ’90s cyberverse is making a comeback within ready-to-wear fashion statements, Harvey is helping us to remember a forgotten time that’s pushing the narrative of conventional traditions.


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