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Make an Impression with Artisan Designed Jewellery in Australia


How to choose artisan designed jewellery in Australia

Are you looking for a beautiful gift to give to a loved one? Do you want to choose a significant piece that will make them think of you whenever they wear it? Or are you looking for jewellery for yourself that will reflect your creativity and unique personality? Why not choose artisan designed jewellery in Australia for something extra special?

Simone Walsh Jewellery is an artisan run, independent jewellery store, exclusively operated online. We design and make unique jewellery in silver, gold and gemstones for people who want to look like themselves instead of everybody else – and we’ve been doing it for over 25 years.

Our customers love gifting our unique designs, as well as treating themselves to something special. We think you will too!

Read on for just a small selection of gorgeous pieces in our artisan designed jewellery collection that we think will make great gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself).

1. Coral Reef Locket

Coral reef open locket in sterling silver

You can’t think of Australia without thinking of the Great Barrier Reef. This incredible wonder is bigger than Tasmania and Victoria combined. It’s home to 5,000 different species of marine and mammal life, and hosts one-third of all the world’s coral. It’s a beautiful spectacle to behold and is full of natural, vibrant beauty which deserves to be admired.

It also deserves to be protected from climate change and more. We recommend you take a look at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to learn about and support the work being done on this front.

The Great Barrier Reef was one inspiration behind our Coral Reef Open Locket. This silver open locket features incredible detail, both inside and out. It gives the appearance of a complex underwater landscape that’s full of possibilities.

The open locket is a great gift for any occasion. The sparkling sterling silver design makes it perfect for wearing to special occasions. That said, it also work beautifully as a bold statement worn with more casual outfits. The swinging panels of the open locket will move as the wearer does. Every step you take will reveal more detail and shine in this locket’s complex design. It has a chain with a versatile length and a secure clasp to hold it in place.

Give this to a loved one and watch their eyes light up with wonder. Also take a look at the pearl necklace featuring this pendant design.

2. Guiding Star & White Sapphire Necklace

Guiding star and white sapphire pendant necklace in silver and gold

Do you have a loved one who is about to embark on a new phase in their life? Perhaps they’re excited about the possibilities but anxious about the uncertainty that lies ahead. Or maybe you know someone that’s lost their way. They need to be reminded of who they are, what makes them so special and how many people love them.

All of that is encompassed in our Guiding Star and White Sapphire Pendant Necklace. It provides wishes of good luck at the start of any exciting or unfamiliar journey. All adventurers need a light to guide them down their own unique path.

The star pendant is made in shiny sterling silver, with a 14-carat gold setting for the sparkling white sapphire gemstone. The silver chain makes the entire necklace glisten, just like the stars that surround us in the sky.

3. Spiral Shell Dangle Earrings

Spiral shell sterling silver dangle earrings

When you think back to happy and relaxed times in your life, you may well think back to those days when you were on the beach, whether swimming in the sunshine or wandering on a stormy day.

For me the beach is where all the stresses and pressures of life escape me, if only for a short time. Instead of worrying about work or getting caught up in the dramas of life, I can spend the day collecting shells, wandering around, swimming and relaxing.

If you have a loved one who has happy memories of being at the beach – perhaps with you as their companion – why not gift them our Spiral Shell Silver Dangle Earrings? They’ll always be reminded of being beside the seaside.

The sterling silver dangle earrings will swing and sparkle as they go about their day. They’re ideal to add some interest and elegance to a casual outfit and are sure to be a conversation starter. Also see the matching pendant necklaces with this design, including the striking scallop shell beaded necklace.

4. Birthstone & Gold Stacking Ring

Solid gold rings with birthstones

Receiving a personalised gift is always extra special: it clearly shows the gift giver was thinking just of you when they chose it.

To help you choose just the thing for someone special, by shopping for Australian jewellery by Simone Walsh you’ll find a suite of birthstone jewellery, with different stones for each month of the year with necklaces, earrings and rings available.

Why not consider one of our handmade Birthstone & Gold Stacking Rings for your loved one? The simple-yet-luxurious design features a birthstone of your choice, in an array of colours and cuts. You can choose the birthstone corresponding to their birthday or just one of the stones you think they will love.

The solid gold ring can be worn alone or it can be mixed and matched with other stacking rings or gold rings in our collection.

If you’re not sure of your gift recipient’s ring size, have a read handy guide: how to measure your ring size.

5. Ocean Textures Charm Bracelet

Ocean textures sterling silver charm bracelet

The intricate and intriguing textures you encounter at the beach are part of what makes the seaside so beautiful. Why not choose jewellery that will always remind you or your loved one of being beside the seaside?

Our Ocean Textures Charm Bracelet has five distinct charms representing textures from eroded rocks, sea urchins, sand, seagrass and coral. It’s a perfect little eco-system to wear on your arm which will remind you of the ocean whenever your wear it.

The shiny sterling silver charm bracelet will make a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean. It can be mixed and matched with our other ocean textures jewellery designs all created with love in Australia, including earrings, necklaces, rings and beaded bracelets.

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Now that you have some ideas about how jewellery in Australia can help you make a lasting impression, take a look at our full jewellery range for more inspiration.

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