June 25, 2024


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“Manama Gold’ Festival generates over BD 1.1 million in sales


Manama, Apr.17 (BNA):The overall transactions of gold, pearls, and jewelry businesses participating in the “Manama Gold” festival have totaled approximately BD 1.1 million Bahraini dinars.

The amount was spent by citizens, residents, visitors, and tourists, to purchase jewelry, gold bars and precious stones from more than 180 Gold Merchants participated in this festival which is organized by Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority  (BTEA) for the first time

BTEA anticipated that the festival which continues until April 20th will witness an increased turnout and purchases in the days ahead.

This is due to the desire of more customers to take advantage of the festival’s unique offers and the hope of having exceptional bargains during the festival’s last days.

Events heald at Bab Al Bahrain include the Gergaoon on April 14 and 15, as well as a traditional Fashion Show on April 16, in addition to continuing to organize a variety of events, such as weekly raffles, podcasting of documentaries on the gold industry and trade in Bahrain, children’s activities, and a bazaar among others. Furthermore, BTEA will continue to promote this festival both within and outside Bahrain.

BTEA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nasser Qaedi expressed his pride in this outstanding achievement, emphasizing that the “Manama Gold Festival” has so far earned a sales volume of one million Bahraini dinars, which is a definite indication of the festival’s success. He said, “We are proud of our success in achieving the festival’s objectives, including attracting more visitors and tourists to the Manama Souq, stimulating the commercial movement of gold shops in particular, and various commercial activities in the Souq in general.

 Promoting this Souq as one of Bahrain’s most important tourists attractions, and reflecting its ancient heritage and cultural diversity is one of the priorities of BTEA.” 

Dr. Qaedi concluded by affirming that these positive results increase BTEA’s responsibility in continuing to organize the “Manama Gold” festival in the coming years and achieving higher levels of performance, as well as proving the authority’s ability to innovate and organize more high-quality events that enrich the tourism and commercial sectors.

Al-Tawash Khalil Ibrahim Ghareeb, owner of the Tababa Bahrain Jewelry store, revealed a 75% to 80% boost in demand for gold purchases compared to the same period last year.

He  described the Festival of Manama Gold as an outstanding event, as well as the appropriate place for meeting between gold dealers and buyers wishing to acquire Bahraini gold with its renowned reputation.

Sayed Hussein Majed, Director of Rasha Jewelry, said that the Manama Gold Festival has already contributed to the growth of sales in participating stores as well as the overall commercial activity in the Manama Souq.




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