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Marketing Guru Brad Pritchett’s Style Blends Casual Ruggedness and Over-the-Top Fabulousness


Twenty-year marketing veteran Brad Pritchett was named the chief marketing and communications officer for the Dallas Museum of Art in November 2021, though you’ve probably seen him at one of many local galas looking quite debonair. Prior to the DMA, Pritchett held marketing roles with the American Heart Association and the Dallas Theater Center. Below, Pritchett discusses how his style must transition from the boardroom and meeting with donors to after-hours glamorous at one of his many soirees. Read on:

“As the chief marketing and communications officer for the Dallas Museum of Art, I oversee all paid, owned, and earned media. I manage a team of rock stars who are the best in the business.”

“I love the casual ruggedness of James Dean and his ability to flawlessly pull off a pair of jeans with a simple white t-shirt. Conversely, I appreciate the over-the-top fabulousness of Billy Porter and his mix of couture and flashy fanfare on the red carpet. I’d like to think I’m a blend of both of these icons.”

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“My job requires me to be public facing, but I’m able to do so with an edgy and stylized approach. That means I’m allowed to throw on a designer sneaker with a vibrant chino and button-down, topped with an exciting, patterned sport coat. I like to keep it fun yet sophisticated.”

“I use the acronym DMA—Destination, Mood, and Audience. Where am I going? What’s the vibe for the day? And then I do my research to learn if there’s a dress code so that I can stand out (in the best ways!) from the crowd.”

“Formally edgy and tailored. Always tailored.”

“A pair of well-fitted jeans, broken-in Chelsea boots, and black or gold aviators.”

“The key in men’s fashion is to find the secret sauce of accessorizing your look. From hats and scarfs to glasses and jewelry—there’s always something you can do to elevate your fashion. The secret is not to overdo it. I’m a huge fan of a vintage Stetson hat to amplify a look. Or a scarf tied around the neck to layer a simple shirt and jeans look.”

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“The weekend allows me to lean into streetwear in a way that I can’t really do during the workweek. You’ll find me rocking bombers to sneakers and everything in between.”

“Hands down, it’s Dolly Python. I’ve purchased everything from cowboy boots and bowler hats to rocker tees and bolos at this famous vintage shop frequented by your favorite celebs. It has anything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed to elevate any look.”


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