December 4, 2023


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Natacha Ramsay-Levi Gets Back in the Fashion Groove With the New At.Kollektive


“I couldn’t support myself,” smirks Natacha Ramsay-Levi on the top rated ground of the Palais de Tokyo. “I had to style a dress.” For the ladies that swarmed to her intellectual and quirky Chloé collections, the news will appear as salvation. Said dress is a deceptively straightforward leather-based mini crossed with a T-shirt. But then! Unsnap the leather-based jumper and it is just a tank re-fasten the leather parts and you have what to lots of would be the best costume for a long, champagne-fueled evening out. (A later on evening invested between a social gathering for Ramsay-Levi in the 1st arrondissement and one more for GQ magazine in the 8th all but confirms it.) 

The event for Ramsay-Levi’s quiet and substantially-desired return to vogue is the new At.Kollektive. Centered in Denmark, the leather-very good organization has released with 4 extended-time period collaborators alongside the French designer Bianca Saunders, Kostas Murkurdis, and Isaac Reina. All 4 have constructed out leather capsule collections that span completely ready-to-have on, homewear, and equipment. Developed as a sub-label for leather goods maker Ecco Team, the company is thoroughly vertically integrated — tannery to retail — letting the 4 designers greatest command about their product or service and generation. (And possibly saving them from impending source chain and inflation issues down the pipeline in 2022 and beyond.) 

Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s leather-based and cotton minidress. Image: AT.Kollektive

Shoes by Natacha Ramsay-Levi created from a a single piece of leather-based. Image: AT.Kollektive

“I was approached in 2019 by a mate of mine,” says Murkurdis, who acted as the spark plug for the collective concept. “Immediately I said no. Then I went to visit the tannery and we experienced a assembly, and I was so impressed by their awareness and output. I felt that this is the suitable second given that the enterprise has so much more to convey to. They are in a position to do the comprehensive procedure in-home, from concept to gross sales.” For his capsule selection, Murkurdis opted for envelope clutches, totes, and hybrid sandal-sneakers in refined, rich shades of olive, black, tan, and white. “It’s intended to age quite beautifully,” he states of his “industrial, simple” products. 

Saunders, fresh from her ANDAM win and menswear runway, experienced opted for colourful cobalt shoes and pullover leather anoraks for her collection. “Working on this has been a fantastic way to introduce home furnishings and extras, matters I simply cannot do however in my personal selection,” she states. “And I’ve acquired so considerably from the method now.” Many of Saunders’s baggage, in tomato pink and Yves Klein blue, appear with malleable wire framing so that the wearer can abstract the common square form into some thing additional surreal. 

Bianca Saunders’s leather-based blazer. Image: AT.Kollektive

Shoes by Bianca Saunders. Photograph: AT.Kollektive

For Reina, a former components designer at Hermès, the simplicity of round forms and multi-put on objects was the draw. He developed a “pure” selection of circular pouches and equipment that can be packed up together or worn singularly. Complementing his add-ons is a Brancusi-impressed leather-based lamp. Aesthetes, never worry: The wire wire is also 100% leather-based wrapped. 

Isaac Reina’s unisex sandal. Image: AT.Kollektive

A compound bag by Isaac Reina. Photo: AT.Kollektive

It’s that notice to just about every smaller element that only a company could present. In addition to reducing waste and shipping and delivery for the reason that Ecco owns all the production, the business also works by using small effect packaging—no plastic tape at all. Alternatively, shipments are wrapped in felt and Velcro. “It’s all intended to be reusable,” suggests Murkurdis, “from the packaging to the objects by themselves. It’s all built to previous.”

Which is the sustainability of the products, but in accordance to Ramsay-Levi, doing work in this way also lets a sustainability of the mind. “It’s the way I want to do the job now. I really don’t suggest a entire assortment of 400 items or 500 parts each and every two months—which is great as well, but I’ve completed it. Now I can focus and say, okay, this is a person proposition. This is what I like appropriate now.” Her bulbous sandals, developed from a one piece of leather, and cute stackable jewellery, all bear the mark of her hand: intelligent, quirky, and sensual in olive greens and vibrant tangerine. “I felt this job is wonderful due to the fact it helps make you really responsible about what you put on the market. And it will develop for the future edition, but for now this is what I genuinely like.” And by the seems to be of guests at the showroom and, afterwards at the dinner, it is what they actually like too: Sensible, perfectly-made apparel for a peculiar, uneasy time. 

Kostas Murkurdis’s sneaker-sandal hybrids. Photograph: AT.Kollektive

Leather-based pouches by Kostas Murkurdis. Photo: AT.Kollektive


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