February 22, 2024


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Paul Klein Is Quickly Becoming Music’s Biggest Style Icon


LANY came out with not one but two albums during this pandemic time. How did being at home and not being able to tour impact you creatively? 

It was really tough. It still is tough. We put out our third album, Mama’s Boy, on October 2 of 2020, and it became pretty clear halfway through 2020 that we were not going to be going on tour anytime soon. Music needs moments to attach itself to, and people need life experiences to really fall in love with songs, and tour is such a massive element of that. The day after the album came out, it was like, “Okay, now what?” We can either sit on the couch and wait for the world to open back up, or we can go make another album and also sit on the couch and wait for the world to open back up. So we made another album. 

Mama’s Boy was a complete and total departure from what people know about LANY. The way I had talked about that album was like when you’re dating someone for a year or two and you want to take it to the next level. You’re like, “I should take you back home and meet my family and my friends, just to contextualize my existence for you. There’s going to be some things you like and some things that you don’t like, but it’s just a necessary step, and we should do it.” And that’s what Mama’s Boy was with our fans—we were taking them back home. Hey, we’re not from Los Angeles. We’re this West Coast pop band that is cool and does their thing, but we’re actually from super middle-of-the-road, middle America, middle-income families in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, and we’d love to show you that side of us for a second. And then GG BB XX was like, “Okay, everything went good back home. We’re still together. Now, let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming, but let’s do it on a really big pop scale.” So we went and made a big pop album. 

Your style is sick and so individualized. Was your style always like this, or has it evolved over time?

I remember getting into it when I was in middle school. I’m from Oklahoma, and I didn’t fit in. I worked on a ranch during the summers, so I know what guys typically look like and wear in Oklahoma. I was the first kid wearing skinny jeans. I remember bleaching my hair and everyone thinking I was so different. I feel like I just know when things are going to make a comeback. I used to go to Dave’s in New York back in the day before constructionwear was a thing, before everyone was wearing Carhartt, and I’d go buy all the camo pants no one wanted, and I would wear them. I remember wearing camo pants in 2015 and people just being like, “What are you wearing?” I was way too early. 

I also started painting my nails in 2018, and then Harry Styles decides to paint his nails in 2020 and apparently is the first guy on the planet to ever do it. So I was just like, “I’m just way too early again.” I love clothes, love clothes, love style, just love expressing myself in a really unique way. I used to pay the price for that because I was from Oklahoma, but now, people think it’s really cool, but I used to get completely made fun of and ridiculed for it.


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