September 25, 2023


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Repsly Moments that Matter: Ep. 4


At Repsly, we’re emphasizing customer outcomes in 2022 highlighting the many ways our customers are recognizing the value of their retail execution platform. Once a month, we’ll be putting a spotlight on a new customer, exploring a key breakthrough moment they had and how it’s impacted their retail success.

An American multinational footwear company has been leveraging Repsly for more than a year to hold its retailers accountable for non-compliance around the store, which they’ve been able to use in contract renegotiations.


Key Moment that Matters 

Few things in retail are more important than ensuring promotions and shelves are properly set up according to plan. Brands spend months of planning and thousands of dollars on creating a positive experience at the last mile for the shoppers, so it’s crucial for every brand that retailers are holding up their end of the bargain and properly meeting compliance.

This footwear company pays retailers like DSW and Kohl’s for space and displays within their stores, so ensuring compliance is taking place is of utmost importance. The team at Repsly built a report that easily highlights and shows where non-compliance in the field is occurring. The analysts from the footwear company are then able to share these reports with retailers to show where the non-compliances are taking place in order for them to correct them.

“Almost anything Repsly does for us is helpful,” said their Visual Merchandising & Event Coordinator. “To be honest, the way this new report is constructed is incredibly beneficial for the sales team and analysts to start having these conversations with our retailers, which is truthfully why we got Repsly to begin with.”

Now that they have the reporting that is reliable, he explained they’re now enabled to really have these critical conversations with accounts that they’re “spending 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars with annually to put up projects that, in reality, are not going up.”

The Visual Merchandising & Event Coordinator explained that a lot of these accounts are just banking on this money and pocket most of it, but now his team feels they can really hold their feet to the fire and say, “Look we have the data to show that only 10 percent of your doors have this partially project up, and we paid X amount of dollars,” so then they can renegotiate moving forward which ultimately helps the brand save money. 

“I think this report right here is kind of the first time we can really send something directly to the retailer and say, ‘this is what we’re finding, and believe you guys can do some homework on your end with this information as well.’” 


What’s the Big Deal?

According to POI, 58% of retail leaders are in agreement that their companies are struggling to have retailer-aligned promotions executed at the store level. Maybe your floor display is hiding in the back of the store. Maybe your posters are obstructed. In all likelihood, something isn’t right. Non-compliance is a costly mistake that this footwear company recognized, corrected, and even leveraged to lower costs in the future.

Last month, we put a spotlight on a beauty care merchandising company, which is leveraging Repsly to improve efficiency in the field by 30 to 40 percent and to decrease the time it takes to complete payroll from nearly one day to 20 minutes. Check out their story here.

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