June 19, 2024


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Rihanna, Telfar and Savage x Caramel Form August’s First Week

Image for article titled The Funk Boutique: Savage x Fenty Can Handle the Curves (and Run All the Lights) in Their Latest Campaign

Screenshot: YouTube

The Caramel Curves, an all-Black women’s motorcycle crew from New Orleans, are used to turning heads and taking names through the city as they cruise around each Sunday. Their over-the-top and vibrant fashion gives them a distinct and noticeable edge, sporting only the brightest clothing—think highlighter yellow and neon green—rhinestones everywhere, only wearing heels and helmets with fuchsia mohawks. All of this to say, the glitz and glamour of these badass ladies easily caught Rihanna’s eye.

The campaign was shot all around New Orleans by Shaniqwa Jarvis and features the ladies in the newest drop—embroidered bra and underwear sets, gloves, curve-hugging bodysuits and fishnets. They posed alongside and next to their prized motorcycles and showcased the raw power and confidence that comes from being in that type of control.

One thing that is clearly a theme in both the photos and the Caramel Curves’ day-to-day lives is the heels. No matter the time, day or outfit, these women can be seen rocking their heels—save for long rides ranging up to 100 miles. “I have been wearing heels and thank the Lord, I never fell.”

Tierra “Choosy” Thomas reflects on their photoshoot while riding through the city saying it was “definitely a normal Curve day,” as they were seen in thongs atop their bikes, yet each woman felt comfortable and taken care of, understanding that a lot of thought was put into “making it for plus-sized women,” according to British Vogue.

On top of the recent drop and lingerie shoot, Rih announced her new perfume “Eau De Fenty” would drop on August 10. Per Vogue, the show “literally cannot go on” until Rihanna has applied her perfume—having a deep connection with the beauty product and her mother’s work in the fragrance industry.

The scent is gender-neutral, held within a perfect amber-colored bottle and can fit right in the palm of your hand. The bottle is stylistically resemblant to an antique perfume bottle and caps at $120 per bottle.