June 19, 2024


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Solo Stove Sale: This Smokeless Fire Pit Will Supercharge Your Outdoor Hangs (Plus 9 More Big Gear Deals)


After months of ceaselessly cold winter temperatures, (some) warmer days have arrived. It’s weather that makes even the most stalwart home bodies peek their heads out their window and consider going to the park. But the sunny days still seem to glide into chilly nights. The solution? A fire pit. 

Fire pit sales skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic as people look to safely socialize outdoors without freezing. Turns out, they’re great for beyond winter, too. In the transitional season, fire pits are indispensable for outdoor hangs over good drinks and good company. A good one lets you adjust the flame easily, but a great one will do it without spewing papal-announcement-size plumes of smoke.

Solo Stove has been making fire pits that check both boxes since 2011. Its fire pits have a clean design that prevents them from releasing a ton of smoke and they’re a cinch to start even for first timers. At a svelte 15 pounds, The Range is the smallest and most convenient one it currently sells. It emits plenty of flame and heat for a small group of your closest friends, but it also won’t throw out your back when you carry it from your apartment to the stoop. Right now, thanks to a Solo Stove sale, the Range (and its larger siblings) are all available at a pretty nice 20% off discount. Time to supercharge your outdoor hangs.

Solo Stove Ranger

This Ranger’s smaller size and lightweight build makes it a city dwellers dream. Truck it up to the rooftop or in your backyard with ease, then let the Solo stove do the rest.

In the mood to scoop up some more good deals? Here are 9 more worth checking out in addition to the Solo Stove sale.

Our Place Always pan

Our Place is having a spring sale, which means everyone’s favorite all-in-one pan is sitting at a killer price.

Birkenstock Arizona sandal

Let’s face it, your summer isn’t complete without a pair of Birkenstock’s. Luckily, you can snag their popular Arizona model at a sweet low price.

LifeStraw personal water filter

Even on the go, keep your water fresh, filtered, and free of any bacteria. Lake water never tasted so fresh!

Columbia “Watertight II” jacket

This one’s for the self-identifying anti-umbrella folks among us.

LG OLED C1 Series 65” 4k Smart TV

One of LG’s best and most popular TV models is almost $1000 off. Now you can watch John C. Reilly deliver all-star fits on HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ series in crystal clear 4k goodness without breaking the bank.

Todd Snyder alpaca camo cardigan

In need of a warm outer layer to combat those brisk spring mornings and chilly nights? Todd Snyder has you covered. This alpaca wool cardigan will keep you cozy, all the while leveling up your fit with a warm camo pattern.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells

Maintain your summer bod all season long.


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