June 25, 2024


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Spring Fashion Trends | Her Campus


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Spring is upon us. And, I couldn’t be happier as we exchange our heavy coats, sweaters, turtlenecks, and heeled boots with floral prints, dresses, pastel cardigans, and skirts! Despite April’s rainy windows surrounding wet pavements, the season is on the precipice of change. So, in honor of this shift and what feels like an anticlimactic change in seasons, we must celebrate with style and new fashion trends for the spring of 2022!

Setting the record straight, I am not a fashion mogul or soon-to-be fashion designer (I wish!). You’ll usually see me wearing the same white sneakers and jacket, power walking around campus. But believe me, I know trends when I see them, and here are my initial predictions for fashion trends this spring. Plus, if any of these trends don’t come back in style now, they will eventually!

Varsity Jackets

Don’t get me wrong, repeating high school sounds like a nightmare, but outside of high school games and rallies, varsity jackets are a cute way to spice up a minimal look. If you’re wearing an outfit with all undertones or want to add a mix of color, a varsity jacket is a perfect way to do so. You could wear them with black slacks, loafers, and a white shirt.

Cutout tops and dresses

What better way to enjoy a night out with your favorite group of friends than looking like you own your style and have everything figured out? Hot take: throw on a cutout top that will scream confident and sexy. If you want the same effect while enjoying a fancier event, say a dinner date or cocktail night with friends (it’ll be a mocktail for me, seeing as I’m still underage), a cutout dress is the best way to do so. They’re trendy and complement the skin, and they don’t feel too concealing. They’re the perfect combination of hot and modern.

Black pumps

Black pumps with a low heel may sound crazy, considering that we still see many of our older counterparts styling this look. But trust me, black pumps are in, and if not now, then soon. You can wear these with straight blue jeans and a nice blouse. You can also dress them up with a lovely midi dress. I especially love low pumps with a strap!

Cropped Blazers

For two reasons, cropped blazers are a great way to start the spring of 2022! First, they allow you to slowly get into the spring dress code, mainly because the weather is still cold and the sun is not fully out yet. And second, they’re business casual and simultaneously professional. You get the best of both worlds while rocking a traditional fit. So as you get ready for internships and job interviews this summer, remember, a blazer can make the perfect outfit! And speaking of it, how do we feel about pastel-colored blazers? Serious inquiry.


I don’t say this enough, but clogs are the most underrated heeled shoe. A lovely suede or beige color allows you to dress this shoe up. If you want to be lowkey with the shoe, that’s perfectly fine too! Depending on the color, a cute white tee is always the move with dark-washed bell-bottom jeans. We also don’t talk enough about styling them with midi skirts!

The semester is almost over, and spring is just beginning, which means daily study sessions in courtyards annihilated with tulips, the overwhelming presence of beautiful greenery, longer days, and most importantly, new fashion trends. So as the sun ascends and the gray clouds dissipate, we can finally begin to enjoy the spring and reap the benefits of a years’ worth of essays and stress. We can finally begin to feel human again while being fashionably dressed. Personally, I’m most excited to be rocking a large pair of sunglasses with a cutout dress this spring. Plus, if I get cold, I could always cover myself in a leather varsity jacket!


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