April 21, 2024


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Styling your Bohemian Look with Pomelo

A person who is very much into literature, music, art, and festivals will be well aware of the Bohemian fashion. The Bohemian fashion was first introduced by the hippies and gypsies who were very much into painting, art, and music. They lived their lives in informal ways in the African and Asian countries and cities. Many people were not familiar with this style back in the 60s, but as more people discovered this style among the natives, the explorer brought it forward to the world, and the world of fashion was quick to adopt it. The bohemian fashion incorporated dresses that were long, loose, and colorful. This style was innovative in many different styles and now is famous all around the world, especially during summer. If you want to get your hand son the best bohemian inspired fashion, then head to Pomelo and get your hands on the best variety at a reasonable price with the use of Pomelo code.

The Styles in the Bohemian Clothing 

The bohemian is fashion was common among men and women, however today you will usually see women sporting it more as compared to the men. This fashion is very much in the summers because of the light and vibrant colors available in the clothing along with some nice and lively prints on them. Moreover, since bohemian fashion is all about flairs and loose-fitting, hence they make the perfect summer dresses. The most famous bohemian fashion clothing includes maxi dresses, kaftan, long tunics, wraps, jumpsuits, and long flared skirts. Pomelo has all these varieties available at just one place and with the use of Pomelo code; you can get these styles at a reasonable price.

The Right Pairing of Other Clothing Articles 

Bohemian fashion is not only about clothing, it also focuses on the right accessories and pairing of these dresses. Let’s first start with the dresses to be paired with these clothing. The maxi dresses in the bohemian fashion should be worn as it is, however, tunics need some pairing. If you are wearing a hip-length tunic, then you can pair with denim shorts to give the perfect bohemian look. In case you are not into shorts because of too much skin showing, then you can opt for skinny denim jeans. The wraps and kaftans can be paired with bikinis underneath, the perfect outfit for the beach. All these pairing dresses are available at Pomelo which makes your shopping experience easier. You can use the Pomelo code, to get these extra clothing articles at a lower price.

The Right Accessories 

The next thing to consider is the jewelry as the perfect accessory for your boho-chic look. For earrings, you can go for the good old hoop earrings for your ears. For the neck, you should invest in chunky necklaces made with thick beans, seashells, wood, or stones. These necklaces should be long and the same type of bangles or chunky bracelets should be incorporated on the wrists. The footwear is another accessory to consider for your bohemian look. Though in this look you have fewer options, you can only incorporate flip-flops or gladiator sandals for long dresses however for short you can go for knee-length boots. All these accessories and footwear are available at Pomelo and with the use of the Pomelo code; you can get them at a reasonable price.