Dries Van Noten, Fashion’s Favorite Mix Master, Lends His Singular Vision to a Debut Beauty Line

For most designers, perfume and cosmetics are a right of passage; they waste little time getting into the lucrative businesses. But not Van Noten. For over three decades, he has been one of fashion’s rare independent operators who made his name not on licenses, but on clothes. And yet the 63-year-old is probably better suited to these things than many of his peers. “I said I wanted a rose perfume that is kind of a punch—really not a sweet, beautiful, feminine thing. It had to be something that men could easily wear. That was kind of the symbol of how we started to work,” he says of his fragrance lineup, which also includes Neon Garden, one of the scents the designer himself has taken to wearing that pairs the freshness of mint with powdery iris, and Jardin de l’Orangerie, which blends traditional orange blossom with sandalwood for a grounded, earthy

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Why Gabriela Hearst modelled in her own debut Chloe show

Chloe is the Parisian fashion house known for its boho-elegant style, a look masterminded by founder Gaby Aghion, who craved clothes which felt luxurious but more laid back than the standard fare on offer in the New Look-shaped Fifties. 100 years after Aghion’s birth, her latest successor at Chloe, Gabriela Hearst, showed her debut collection.

Not only do the two women share the same name (a fact which convinced Hearst that it was meant to be), but also a passion for challenging the status quo. Where Aghion’s trailblazing came in the form of silhouettes and ideas about what women should wear, for Hearst it’s a mission to combine luxury and sustainability. If you needed a singular example of how far eco clothing has come since those days when it was dismissed as being a sackcloth horror show, then look no further than Hearst’s New York-based own label cashmere shawls and

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Soo Joo Park Makes Her Music Video Debut With Desire

“I would be doing my makeup and look at Soo Joo’s and be like ‘Oh, oh yeah, that much glitter…’” says Desire’s Megan Louise as she and the synth-rich band’s new keyboardist Soo Joo Park laugh on the line. “We did everything ourselves, there was no team, there was no makeup artist, there was no assistant.”

Such was the DIY beauty approach for “Zeros,” Park’s music video debut directed by Kirill Nong and assistant director Polina Pierce. Filmed over 48 hours in Palm Springs, “Zeros” takes viewers on a neo-noir trip featuring a landline, a hardware store, a pickup truck, and a shovel-wielding pair played by Park and Louise. “It was instinctive for me,” Park admits of using the beauty tricks she’s “absorbed through osmosis” over years of modeling. “Desire’s persona when she goes on stage is like Jem and the Holograms in electroclash world, and I wanted

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