February 22, 2024


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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Extract

With people leading a very hectic lifestyle, it has become especially important to focus on maintaining a proper diet that can help in preventing ailments and keeping the body energized. Berries, for example, are considered the best option when it comes to flushing out all the toxins from the body and purifying blood. One of the most popular and beneficial berries is bilberry which has several key properties and benefits. Bilberries and blueberries are very similar to one another. The only noticeable difference that can be found between the two is their colour. While bilberries are usually red on the inside, blueberries have a light green tinge. Bilberry extract is also available as a supplement. Bilberry supplement can be bought with special price using piping rock coupon.

Places where Bilberries are found in abundance

Ireland, Scotland and Poland are known for the best quality of bilberries. Plucked usually in the months of July and August, these berries are generally used for preparing jams, jellies and juices.
Bilberries grow best in damp, acidic conditions. Since they are very similar to the huckleberries and blueberries, the best way to distinguish them is by noting that the bilberries appear in singles or pairs.

Benefits of the Bilberry extract

Including bilberries in the regular diet provides a host of benefits, especially to the eyes as well as the digestive system. According to dieticians, bilberry extract contains anthocyanins that function as UV filters in the eyes and prevent harmful rays from affecting the retina.
Studies have also proven that consumption of bilberries help in improving night vision. This is mainly because bilberry enables the eyes to adjust with changing lights effectively. Another key benefit that bilberries provide is in maintaining the circulatory system. Not only does this herb help in reducing inflammation, it also relieves gastro intestinal problems effectively. Consumption of berries that have antioxidant properties has proven to be highly effective in combating cancer. According to a number of clinical studies conducted in the last couple of years, berries with antioxidant properties are effective in minimizing the risks of cancer. Some other benefits offered by the bilberry extract include preventing menstrual cramps and healing stomach ulcers. Additionally, consuming bilberry can help in improving thrombosis, varicose veins and angina.

How to consume Bilberries

Many people prefer taking bilberry tea while others go for bilberry extract supplements that have a host of benefits. Notably, single ingredient supplements are not as effective as the multi nutritional supplements. You may also find these berries at local markets in late summertime.


While bilberries offer a number of health benefits, pregnant and lactating women should be cautious before consuming them. In some people, bilberries have led to problems such as stomach aches, headache and even dizziness. This is more common in people who are already on medication. It is therefore recommended to seek the advice of doctors and dieticians before trying them if you are already taking any medication.