May 19, 2024


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The Different types of Maium Regenjas

Raincoats now come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. Which one suits your style… and which one will keep you dry?

The all-weather trench coat and Rains regenjas was invented by Thomas Burberry for WWI soldiers. They were made with fine gabardine cotton that was chemically treated to repel rain. When the war ended, raincoats continued to be a popular fashion choice. Trench coats have wide lapels and collars, with a double row of buttons down the front and a fabric belt to cinch around the waist. Trench coats fall at least in the middle and can be longer.

Ponchos are designed to keep you completely dry even in the worst rain. It’s a very wide, open dress that you slip over your head. Ponchos usually fall to hip length, although they can go down to your knees. They are often made with an attached hood.

Maium regenjas are usually short jackets that fall to waist or hip length. They can be collared or hooded and close with buttons, zippers or toggles. However, they almost always close with a zipper or have a multiple closure design to keep moisture out.

Types of weather protection

Not all raincoats will keep you completely dry. It is important to know the difference in the types of weather protection provided by different raincoats.

Zwarte regenjas are designed to completely soak water into the material and prevent it from reaching you. It is the most effective protection against rain.

Water-resistant raincoats can keep you dry in light rain or for short periods of time. In heavy rain, or for long periods of time, the water will soak through the material and get you wet.

Water-resistant raincoats, which may be labeled “DWR” for durable water repellent, have a special finish that makes water bead up and coat the material. Water-resistant does not mean the same as water-resistant.

Breathable raincoats can be water-resistant or waterproof. “Breathable” simply means that the material won’t retain your body heat, so you won’t overheat and sweat. This means the fabric can help keep you cool even as it protects you from the rain.

Windproof jackets are not necessarily waterproof or water resistant by any means. When a raincoat is windproof, strong gusts of wind cannot penetrate it.

Characteristics of the raincoat

Raincoats are made with all kinds of special features to keep them (and you) protected from the rain. We have come a long way from coating fabric with rubber. Modern raincoats are made from chemically treated fabrics and synthetic fabrics that repel and resist water. Raincoats can be made from any fabric, including cotton, wool, vinyl and plastic.