April 24, 2024


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What You Must Know Before Buying A Man Made Diamond Jewelry

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Accepting jewels without having to think of how much this cost is surely something that thrills us because we love obtaining such stuff. As ladies, we’d always like to put on accessories that will match our outfits with the occasion, thus, having options is a must. This is why we usually have a jewelry box so that organizing ornaments by type of stone would be easier.

We also like wearing classy stones with gold so we can go for lab grown diamond jewelry since it’s more affordable. These forms will even give us a wide variety of options and we can order customized designs for specific purposes. That would surely make your heart race because it’s not easy to find reliable shops with skilled lapidaries or gem cutters in this industry.

Now, if you’re planning to buy rings for engagement proposals or earrings as a token of appreciation, then you’ll surely require an expert’s advice. Imagine how much time you’re going to spend when visiting every shop in the market without arranging specific details. This means that we shouldn’t only be prepared financially because it’s tougher to select one when all those diamonds are naturally attractive.

Lab-grown Diamonds

These stones are processed through engineering and technology. The high-controlled environment is essential in producing duplicates because certain conditions are required. In this way, they can be developed naturally into fine gems.

The crystal structure is the same, thus, they’re also made of carbon atoms. It’s essential to have identical characteristics and properties when you’re aiming at high-quality output. In that state, this can be used when designing pieces of jewelry for different events.

They’re not mined from the deepest surfaces of our planet. Instead, they were planted in the laboratories as seeds – click https://www.coronetdiamonds.com/the-different-types-of-diamond-seeds/ for more info. Since these are ideal alternatives to authentic ones, we now have more opportunities for various manufacturers. 

Where can we buy accessories with these gems?

I guess an ideal place to get pieces of jewels is a shop with certified lapidaries. They’re the ones who are trained and studied how to cut these stones properly. They may not be manufacturing man-made diamonds but they’re surely associated with reliable manufacturers in the country.

We have to be meticulous as well because if you’ll simply buy without knowing the difference between authentic and synthetic ones, you might spend more. Therefore, we have to guarantee what the jeweler sells and where their supplies are coming from. In this way, you’ll know if it’s worth buying from them, especially when the ring is for engagements or weddings.

Anyway, most of the produced pieces of jewelry available would be of high quality and you’ll see that when you compare them with real ones. Therefore, ask an expert before purchasing if you have doubts.

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Buying a Man-made Diamond 

If you’re familiar with precious types of gems, then you’ll have no issues choosing authentic cuts. However, your skills are required with lab-grown because of their similarities. This is why when we’re not sure of the quality, we ask for an expert’s help.

Therefore, when you’re purchasing, you check on the properties, such as color, carat, cut, and clarity – 4Cs, read here to learn more. You’ll also need to look at a few factors, so you have brilliance for instance.

We don’t simply stare at the overall product, especially when you want a customized design. You have to discuss these details with the lapidarist so he can help you choose a specific lab-grown diamond. Working with someone you can trust is essential to ensure that they’ll meet your unique demands.


The price for each stone and precious metal used varies. Here, all factors are considered including the 4Cs. Therefore, pricing isn’t simply about the cut, grade, and weight.

There’s one thing that we’re sure of – it’s usually cheaper than mined diamonds. Due to high cost and rarity, man-made was used as an alternative. In this way, jewelries can meet the market’s demand.

Anyway, as a consumer, you’re aware of how much you can afford to spend. Sometimes the digit isn’t even an issue when you have sufficient funds. Though for a receiver or buyer who values the effort more than how much it cost, whatever you’ll purchase would be ideal.

More Tips Before You Buy 

Most of the time, we come to jewelry shops and choose whatever style suits our taste. Sometimes we don’t even mind to ask information regarding the manufacturer. Are we even sure if they’re charging us the right price?

That happens when we’re too excited about the items. Let’s assume that we already found a jeweler. So how are we going to process the situation?


Cut is a very important factor you must consider because it has to suit the person who’ll wear such jewelry. How would you like the shape because that’s how they will cut it? Go over the designs available if you’re clueless.

I supposed you’d go with a round-shaped stone if you’re into the classic type. This is the toughest choice to make and you can’t change your mind once its cutting is already agreed. Therefore, think a million times before deciding.

You’ll know that the lapidarist is competent after completing this task. It’s a crucial step and the most exciting part, too. Anyway, it should be close to perfection since this will be handled with extra care as well.


When you’re looking at the diamond, it must be colorless. We can also say that it looks white. It may not have the highest grade since it’s lab-grown, but such purity would be perfect for its type.

In your naked eye, it must be clean with a VS1-VS2 clarity grade. This means that there shouldn’t be marks, as well as, inclusions seen. As long as it’s eye-cleaned, then there’s no need to ask for a higher grade.

That’s why when checking the stones, compare it with another one. In this way, you can see if there’s a difference and that would make your selection easier.