Virtual Fashion Week Wasn’t Perfect, but It Still Inspired and Delighted

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When the news that fashion week was going virtual broke, the general reaction was a mix of intrigue and eye-roll. Could the challenging circumstances yield a creative alternative to the old system? Necessity is the mother of invention and all that carpe dictum. Or would it just be a bunch of souped-up perfume ads—more hollow marketing exercises? Would there be actual runways? Models? Masks? It turned out to have all of the above. The past two weeks—which included digital presentations for Fall-Winter 2020 haute couture, Spring 2021 menswear and Resort 2021 womenswear—offered a smorgasbord of fashion show permutations. In the end, this writer was left hungry for more.

Initial hesitations aside, it all started off strong. My fashion week began in earnest with the Hermès men’s presentation, held on the Sunday before the official Digital Paris Fashion Week began. As it was

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The 20 Worst Charities You Shouldn’t Be Donating To

Definition Of ’Charity’

Or so that you’d assume… actually, only three% of their donations actually make it into the hands of Vietnam Vets. The relaxation does a grand job of propping up the financial institution accounts of the muse’s sleazy directors. The 2nd cancer research charity to make our list is the American Breast Cancer Foundation, a corporation arrange in 1997 with the intent of funding well being training and free breast exams for ladies. With hundreds of thousands of excellent Samaritans regularly donating a portion of their paycheck to good causes, charities are booming… unfortunately, not all of the cash going into them is coming out the way we predict.

Charity In American English

Since St. Jude opened its doorways in 1962, ALSAC has had the duty of raising the required funds to keep the hospital open. Memphis was chosen on the suggestion of Catholic Cardinal Samuel Stritch, a … Read More