Over 55% off Marc Jacobs Bags, Sunglasses, Perfume and More

If you’ve been coveting a little piece of luxury, there’s no day like today. The Amazon Big Summer Sale kicked off with deep discounts and markdowns on everything from apparel to luggage and some amazing deals on handbags, sunglasses, perfume and accessories from Marc Jacobs.

You’ll find all of summer’s biggest fashion trends at a discounted price, including Marc Jacobs sale items like perfumes and colorful crossbody handbag options. You’ll also score essential items for your wardrobe and classic staples from the fashion designer like the perfect black leather tote bag. They are all available at great deals at Amazon’s Big Summer Sale.

Although Amazon Prime Day is postponed until later in the year, the Amazon’s Big Summer Sale is helping the struggling fashion world amid the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to shop white hot sales and fashion deals from loads of brands that offer a

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Balancing Customer Demand With Brand Identity Is a Tightrope Walk

Can a brand be customer-facing and preserve its identity? Yes, but it takes skills — and patience — to balance the two.

Channeling a timeless style into a powerhouse business is a long-term strategy. In an age of intense pressure to produce attention-grabbing fashion and spectacular catwalk shows, it’s increasingly difficult for brands to manage marketing and consumer expectations and to keep their identity intact.

Even before COVID-19, the fashion industry wigs singapore had finally begun to recognize that it was no longer able to succeed in “transmit” mode anymore. It has switched to “receive” mode.

Customers are now fully engaged with brands, and firmly in the driving seat. Brands now have to listen, and actively engage with them, asking questions such as, “What do you want to see?” and “How are we doing?”

The pandemic only accelerated the changes that digital had started. So, as we emerge from lockdown

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Raquel Willis Meditates With Her Plants Every Morning

Welcome to My Beauty Ritual, a series where editors, experts, and pros reveal the ways in which they use beauty — especially skin care — as a method of self-care. In this week’s installment, Raquel Willis talks about her beauty routine, activism, and why taking a break is necessary.

It can feel near-impossible to find time for yourself while doing multiple types of work — work in the traditional, capitalist sense; in the activist sense; and in the emotional sense. To prevent burning out, Raquel Willis, an award-winning writer, activist, and director of communications at the Ms. Foundation, finds self-care to be crucial.

However, she also finds the topic to be a tricky one to navigate. “I think a lot of times with the self-care conversation, there is a way that it is weaponized to make us feel shameful for not necessarily checking off all the boxes

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bilberry Extract

With people leading a very hectic lifestyle, it has become especially important to focus on maintaining a proper diet that can help in preventing ailments and keeping the body energized. Berries, for example, are considered the best option when it comes to flushing out all the toxins from the body and purifying blood. One of the most popular and beneficial berries is bilberry which has several key properties and benefits. Bilberries and blueberries are very similar to one another. The only noticeable difference that can be found between the two is their colour. While bilberries are usually red on the inside, blueberries have a light green tinge. Bilberry extract is also available as a supplement. Bilberry supplement can be bought with special price using piping rock coupon.

Places where Bilberries are found in abundance

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