Secret hack helps you get a designer wallet for a fraction of the cost

Reyna, AKA queenbouj on TikTok, is a bit of a luxury fanatic. Whether she’s showing off her designer sneakers or perfume collection, Reyna is all about luxe shopping. But that doesn’t mean she’s always paying high-end prices. The Los Angeles-based fashionista has got a few tricks up her sleeve and one went viral in August.

Reyna showed how you can get a Dior cardholder for only $65 with this clever hack. Instead of heading to the handbag section at Nordstrom, Reyna bought a 2018 Dior “Daring” lip palette. The makeup comes in a leather carrying case with the Dior logo on the snap closure.

In the clip, Reyna took the palette, removed the makeup pan and put her money and cards inside. It’s really that easy. The lip kit is still available at some stores for $65. Compare that to a real Dior cardholder which can cost

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