WWD List: Fashion’s Pricing Powerlessness

It is a given that the pandemic has touched almost everything in the consumer landscape, but the changes are particularly clear in pricing. The latest government data, released Tuesday, shows that fashion’s pricing power is much more on par with the out-of-luck airlines than the on-the-rise health insurers — or even used cars and trucks. Here, how prices have changed in 60 categories across the consumer landscape in the past year.

Price changes between September 2019 and September 2020

Fuel oil


Airline fares


Men’s suits, sport coats and outerwear


Women’s dresses


Public transportation


Gasoline, unleaded regular


Lodging away from home


Boys’ apparel




Men’s shirts and sweaters


Women’s outerwear


Women’s apparel


Women’s suits and separates


Boys’ and girls’ footwear


Men’s and boys’ apparel


Women’s and girls’ apparel


Men’s apparel





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The Stunning Natural And Synthetic Diamond Rings

When most of us hear the word chocolate, we have positive thoughts and a good feeling because it is such a beloved treat. The same happens for many people when they hear the word diamonds. With chocolate diamonds, you can have a sort of combination of these two beautiful things.

What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are a type of brown diamond with a spiced up name. Chocolate typically refers to the diamonds that have a rich, dark brown color. Some lighter brown diamonds have other fitting and fun characters like cognac, cinnamon, and champagne diamonds.

Natural And Synthetic

Not all diamonds that are mined from the earth come out colorless. Some mixed with different elements or radiation while they are formed can become colored during the process. Specific colors are much rarer than others. For instance, natural red diamonds are relatively rare, but others are more common, like brown … Read More