Different Type Of Engagement Rings

Types of Engagement Ring Settings: Pros and Cons of Different Ring Settings  (Chart and Pictures) | Real Simple

Picking an engagement ring is one of the most difficult and nerve wracking decisions a person will have to make in their life – you are buying a ring on behalf of the other person in the hope that you have made the right decision. There are a few main areas to consider when picking an engagement ring, these centre around the diamond, the ring itself and the style. 


First of all we’ll look at the diamond and the different options you have. The cut of the diamond is the thing that makes the most difference in terms of how a diamond looks, there are many different types of cut from marquise to round and brilliant, the two can be combined together to make a round brilliant cut which actually is the most popular cut of diamond at the moment. Aside from the cut you have colour, clarity and … Read More