The Rise of Clean Fragrances

There are plenty of ingredients in the beauty biz that we’ve heard should be avoided. But what about fragrance? Good chance the label on your favorite scent reads like a mystery — no one knows what’s inside, since all the ingredients typically aren’t listed. But as everyone becomes increasingly educated on labels, that’s starting to change. A good thing!

“Consumers are concerned about the health impacts of chemicals in their products,” says Michal Benmayor, vice president of conscious perfumery at Firmenich, a perfume and taste company. “In the absence of a universal definition of ‘clean,’ each manufacturer, retailer, and brand creates their own.”

And the more people ask and wonder what’s in the bottles, the more brands take notice.

“Consumers expect transparency now,” says Cat Chen, founder and CEO of clean perfume and body-care line Skylar. “When you read an ingredient label for a fragrance, you basically see

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Five party games to play with your family during holiday gatherings

Suggestions for friendly competition during Christmas and Kwanzaa seasons.

A little healthy competition never hurts anyone, especially around the holiday season. We know of the classic games like UNO, Spades, and Dominoes, but here are a few out of the box ideas to get the party started:

Jingle Bell Toss:

Photo: Playground ParkBench

Photo: Playground ParkBench

Courtesy: Playground ParkBench

Think of it as the clean version of Beer Pong. Anyone can play — from the children to the grown folks — and it only costs a few bucks to create. All you need is a flat table surface, 20 red cups and a bag of jingle bells!

Christmas Smell Game:

Courtesy: Kid-Friendly Things to Do

If you’ve attended a baby shower, chances are you’ve seen the baby food game. One partner is blindfolded, while the other partner feeds different baby foods to the blindfolded partner and they guess the flavor of each item.

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How Baccarat Rouge 540 Became the Scent of 2021

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailer, Getty Images

The smell of Baccarat Rouge 540 has been described as “money” and “swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s vault” by people on TikTok. Christina Najjar, known on TikTok (as @Tinx) for creating “rich-mom starter packs” — a list of items favored by mothers in fancy subcultures — calls it “rich mom–approved.” Erica Page Adams, known on TikTok as @letstalkperfume, said, “POV: You ask the hot girl what perfume she is wearing,” flashing to a photo of it. Rihanna once even complimented a journalist wearing the scent at a Savage X Fenty show. “You smell good,” said the star, who reportedly smells like heaven herself. It has also inspired a lot of alleged dupes, such as Ariana Grande’s Cloud and Zara’s Red Temptation.

To find where its reputation as the “most complimented perfume” first began, I went to Fifth Avenue to the

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Fashion House Chanel Hires Unilever Consumer Goods Veteran as CEO | Investing News

By Silvia Aloisi and Mimosa Spencer

PARIS (Reuters) -French fashion house Chanel named Leena Nair, an executive from Unilever, as its new global CEO on Tuesday, picking a consumer goods veteran to run one of the world’s biggest luxury goods groups.

Nair’s career at Unilever spanned 30 years, most recently as the chief of human resources and a member of the company’s executive committee.

A British national, born in India, Nair is a rare outsider at the helm of the tightly controlled family fashion house, known for its tweed suits, quilted handbags and No. 5 perfume.

The 52-year-old follows U.S. businesswoman Maureen Chiquet, who came from a fashion background and was CEO of Chanel for nine years until early 2016.

French billionaire Alain Wertheimer, a 73-year-old who owns Chanel with his brother Gerard Wertheimer and had originally taken on the CEO job on a temporary basis, will move to the

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