The Rise of Clean Fragrances

There are plenty of ingredients in the beauty biz that we’ve heard should be avoided. But what about fragrance? Good chance the label on your favorite scent reads like a mystery — no one knows what’s inside, since all the ingredients typically aren’t listed. But as everyone becomes increasingly educated on labels, that’s starting to change. A good thing!

“Consumers are concerned about the health impacts of chemicals in their products,” says Michal Benmayor, vice president of conscious perfumery at Firmenich, a perfume and taste company. “In the absence of a universal definition of ‘clean,’ each manufacturer, retailer, and brand creates their own.”

And the more people ask and wonder what’s in the bottles, the more brands take notice.

“Consumers expect transparency now,” says Cat Chen, founder and CEO of clean perfume and body-care line Skylar. “When you read an ingredient label for a fragrance, you basically see

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