July 20, 2024


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Adaptive Motion Trainer Could Be The Right Home Gym Equipment For You

An adaptive motion trainer keeps your body moving naturally with the latest in exercise technology. It is easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and can be used at home or in the gym. An adaptive motion trainer for home has many benefits, they are easy to adjust for people of all fitness levels and can be used year-round. Adaptive motion trainers can give you a new workout every other day or every week without having to get bored or tired.

A typical adaptive motion trainer consists of a chair with an electronic clasp on it. The trainer glides along with a stationary platform and simulates jogging or walking with various resistance settings. Your heart rate monitor and transmitter are clipped onto your waistband. Your hips and thighs’ motion is captured by sensors that determine if you are walking or running and if you are in an elliptical or “mixed” position.

Heart Rate Sensor

Various sensors will tell the trainer your current heart rate, calories burned, the number of repetitions you are doing, and the time you have been working out. The transmitter is also equipped with a console that tells you how many calories you burned during your workout, the amount of time you spent in your optimal heart rate range, and other factors.

Resistance Level

You can use the console to set the level of resistance you would like to work out and adjust the incline of the elliptical or magnetic resistance device. This lets you vary your cardio workout so that you don’t get bored and keep challenging yourself. As you increase the resistance, your muscles will respond by growing stronger, and your heart rate will begin to rise. An adaptive motion trainer helps you burn more calories and increase your stamina.

With an adaptive motion trainer, you never have to stop and take your bearings when you begin or progress through a workout routine. You can follow the circular motions of the foot pedals. The foot pedals’ movements are such that your feet will be immobile and move only in small, constant circles. You will develop enhanced balance and increased strength as your muscles become acclimated to the foot pedals’ circular motion.

Overall Exercise Performance

Most people do not realize that their stride length has a tremendous impact on their overall exercise performance and that it is this length that makes the most of adaptive motion trainers. By increasing the size of the strides in your walking or jogging sessions, you are training both the leg muscles as well as your entire upper body to work harder. Increasing the length of your stride also provides a cardiovascular workout. A lot of cardiovascular exercises are conducted on a treadmill and other similar fitness equipment. Increasing the distance you cover on a treadmill will develop better aerobic conditioning, which will improve your ability to burn calories and improve your stamina.

Using an adaptive motion trainer provides you with a very convenient and effective method of working out. It helps you increase your cardio workout intensity without having to decrease the intensity of the movements used while walking or running. This innovative fitness equipment piece allows for a more efficient and effective cardio workout with just a few simple motions. It doesn’t take much time to get the idea. Just try walking or running with your Adaptive Motion Trainer, and you’ll soon see for yourself the benefits it can provide.